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iv finally done it


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as some of you no my grandad sexually abused me when i was 8 and my sister 4.now im 25 and my sister 27 i finally felt ready and called the police last night.iv just got back from a 4 hour video interview at the station plus my sister was interviewed and c.i.d is arresting him tomorow as we have evidence and we will be on the news and in papers as its such a serious offence but also cause he used to work with children and theres a big chance theres other victims.it happend to me 17 years ago and my sister even longer so i just want to say if anything has ever happend to you its never to late to tell the police.i hope your all well and please please dont feel sorry for me as im sat here smiling me and my lovely sister are walking around like we can smile for the first time in years xxx:D
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well done hotty. thats an amazing accomplishment.
just wanted to say a huge thank you as well for posting about it as im sure u have given unknown strengths to others in a similar situation.
my neice was terribly sexually abused from the age of 6 until she was 15 and confided in a friend.
in her case it was her step dad who thankfully went to prison for his horrific crime.
these men are animals and need to be punished.
Bless you for being so brave and reported your grandad. u should be soooo proud :).


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I dunno wat to say, but well done on ur strength for coming forward. I can't even begin to understand how hard tht would have been. I wish u all the best in the future.. keep smilling


Must do it this time
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Hotty You Are Such A Strong Person For Doing That,and Your Sister It Must Have Taken An Amazing Amount Of Strenght And Courage To Take Action Against Him,what An Animal He Is,and I Hope Justice Is Served.
Elaine X


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You should be very very proud of yourself that you have such strength of character to go ahead and do this. I'm sure you know there will be some tough times ahead but you've did the hardest part!

I hope it means that if there are other victims out there they too will have the strength to come forward now that you have made the first move.

A big hug for you and I wish you lots of love in what will be hopefully a new era in your life free of this horrible history.

C xxx
well done hun to you and your sis for having the courage to report what happened to you and also for posting on this forum. Your words may help someone else too. You will have some tough things ahead of you but you will find the strength. I hope you will both be able to move forward and be happy. Hugs to you both xx


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Well done to you an your sister, keep us posted xxxx


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Well done hunni - I bet a huge weight has been lifted from you.
I honestly don't know what I would do if I found out that something like this had happened to any of my babies.

Good luck hun and I hope all goes well for you and your sister.



has started again!!
I cant begin to imagine being treated like that, and as for anyone doing similar to my children.....

You are so very brave to have found the strength to come forward. May some form of justice be finally done.

As an aside, I watched the story of that poor woman imprisoned in Austria for 24 years, giving birth to 7 children at the hands of her biological father. Words fail me, there is such evil in this world.

Keep strong Hottie, you are a shining star.


Step away from the chips!
Well done to you both for being so courageous & speaking out. Wishing you strength for the times ahead xx
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well done hotty.... wish i was as strong as you and your sister :)

you have to let us know when you are in the news .. :)

take care xx


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Im so proud of you. The same thing happened to my sister but she chose not to tell anyone at all and she ended up comitting suicide when she was 33.

I hope you can finally get some peace x


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What amazingly brave and strong women you are. Total respect to you both. Glad to hear the weight has been lifted from your shoulders - now you can get on with the rest of your lives. Hope he gets what he deserves - sorry you had to go through it in the first place.

Stay strong

Carol x

PS sure your bum will not look fat on the news!


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thats awful im sorry bout that....


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This is one of the most harrowing experiences to go through, nobody deserves to go through it ever. It takes such courage to tell someone about it, Well done to you. You must feel like a big weight has been lifted. Not only have you reported it but if theres a possibilty there is other victims like you mentioned, you have helped them too.
Best of luck chick (Hugs) x

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