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iv gone and given in :-(

cant believe it, went out with a friend today and ended up having a steak, a few chips, peas and a bit of choc pud, then came home and felt so down that i had a packet of roasted cashews and im only on day 6, have lost 9lbs so why did i cave in, am soooo annoyed and feel so upset and let down:cry:
how long do you think it will be for me to get back into ketosis?
i am starting again tomorrow.
i must admit, i am sooo thirsty so am drinking plenty of water. xxx
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Right Cora, draw a line under it and start again tomorrow! The more you drink the faster you'll be back in ketosis.

Next time you feel tempted, remember how upset and down you're feeling - ask yourself what do you want more? The food or to be slim? If you stick to it you'll be at goal before you know it x

Corinne x
Thank You Corinne, I do feel terrible and have got such a headache, but think I have learnt my lesson, feel bloated aswell.
Right, tomorrow is the day that it starts again and this time I am not going to give in, I WILL be slim......one day lol:doh: xxx


please try again
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get the water down you, flush it all out.
it wont take as long as the first time to get back into ketosis
its done now so forget it and move forwards

onwards and downwards! :)
aww thanx guys, am drinking lots of water, peeing every 10 mins lol
I love this site, you are all so supportive and encouraging:grouphugg:


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Hi Cora :)

Agree with everything the girls have said. Put the stick down now and stop beating yourself up about it.

When you feel a bit better about things in the morning, try sitting down and working out what you could have done differently to avoid what happened. Write it down and keep it in your handbag would be my suggestion hun. You've got it there to read then at anytime you made need to.

The main thing here is to refocus asap and keep on trucking!!!!

Lacey..xx :D
TODAY is the beginning of the rest of your life. Leave the past where it belongs and be determined because you KNOW you CAN DO IT.


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Hi babe, don't worry I did the same on day 6, no idea why, I was doing so well too, but like everyone else has said, just get back on the wagon and flush it all out, word of warning though, I drank five litres in three hours, felt really ill and worried I had poisoned myself! So drink pleantly, but spread it out over the day, and don't drink more than 6 litres! You should be in ketosie in a couple of days xxx
Thanks guy's checked my pee this morning and am still in ketosis???
have been really good today, have had my two shakes, i am going to defiently stick to this diet as my wedding dress is beautiful and i want to look beautiful in it lol xxx
your support has meant so much to me, a BIG thank you
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Hi Ya Huni
Dont keep worrying about what has been done,worry about tommorrow been 100% on ss and drinking loads water xx

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