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Iv stopped!

Argh im so annoyed with myself :(
i started in april and i lost 1.5stone in 12 weeks, i was so happy and i liked the way i looked, first time in a very long time! I have gone down 2-3 dress sizes! (was a 20-22 now a 14-18!)
Thing is i got comfortable, and people were paying me sooo many compliments (still are!) and i fit in more and feel so much more confident etc.
but for the last month i have not lost any true weight, only weight i have put on before, i have been in between 1.5stone and almost 2 stone for 4 weeks now, and its really annoying me because i want to lose weight steadily but im yo-yo-ing at the moment!

How do i get back on track? i cant stop eating crap, i seem to be doing it because i have done so well...im comfortable but ages away from my target! (need to lose around 3 stone more i think)

Please someone kick me up the ass because i dont want to put this weight on i was so motivated when i started but its all gone, i dont know where!!??

Thanks for reading,
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Hiya, well done on your loss so far. I know what you mean before I had my son I was 16 1/2 stone and after I had him went on SW and went down to 10 1/2 stone felt so much better and loved all the compliments. But then found that once people stopped commenting etc and that 'buzz' went kinda gave up even though i had at least another 1 1/2 stone to go.

Unfortunately I have now over the last 9/10 months slowly put on just over 1 1/2 stone and am so dissapointed as I now have 3 stone to lose.

With regards to motivation it sounds obvious but I like to look back at photos of me before (not that there are many as I hated myself so) and think how much i don't want to be that big again. I used to sweat all the time and had no energy and that hopefully will help to keep me on track. I also used to have zero confidence and that has improved so much, I never want to go back again. i know some people are happy being big but I never was. Also I try to think of my son as I really don't want to be a fat mum.

Sorry for the waffling.
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I was the same, started WW in May and done really well, lost over 1.5stone in about 10 weeks then began to relax...

Not sure why, still had a lot to lose but I got sooo bored with the plan and couldnt get my head back into it, messed around for weeks but could not get my head in gear. I started SW the other day and it has given me the kick I needed, it feels good to have a whole new plan to work with and I'm feeling all motivated again...


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well you what you want, otherwise you wouldn't be asking us to motivate you, but you have to think why you started and keep that in mind when carrying on. Yes the compliments are great, but you are doing this for you, not others, I have people telling me not to lose more, but i still need to lose at least another stone or so.


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It's a really hard one. You are the only one that is making you eat crap and you are the only one who can stop you eating it! I have been there myself many times and it takes a lot of head-searching to get it back on track. I would advise that you take a day or afternoon out on your own. Go somewhere where there is no shops that you can buy chocolate! Think long and hard about the reasons you started, the reasons you want to carry on and how you will feel if you go back to where you started x
:grouphugg:it's so hard to get back in the zone when the compliments keep flowing and your getting into smaller clothes, but you must remember why you started this journey and where you want to end up. The weight you have lost so far is fab and shouldn't be forgot!

Now what I do when I am really struggling and every day I get up and think I am getting back on track and weigh in day just gets closer and closer, is........ fast forward I always feel really great once I get started on this the first day is the hardest. Your consultant gives you the form and tells you how many points to have, however, nannyjax has kindly typed up the menus in a sticky at the top. Trust me a week on this will really get you motivated I lost 6 lbs when i did it good luck you can do this x x
Thanks for all your help, i hope i can get back on track! il keep you all updated xxxxxx


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I am in exactly the same position of you - Im a 16/18 - I also weigh the same as you and for the last 6 or so weeks I haven't lost any weight really! Lots of compliments and lots of new clothes have made me feel complacent! I am re-joining a club when I get back from my hols and I vow to get back into the SW swing of things and not eat rubbish! xxx


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I've lost over 2 stone and feel much better about myself now. This is the danger time when I've always given up before. My motivation is I want to look even better by Christmas! Look at it weekly instead of 'Oh, I've got 3 more stones to lose'. I let myself have a 'night off' once a week, usually on a Friday after weigh in, then get back on the plan the next morning. This can stop you getting bored with it all and gives you something to look forward to once a week. Good luck, you can do it!
thanks everyone, im back on it this morning, iv planned my day and i feel much better!

breakfast-hi fi bar and a diet coke (i dont eat much first thing lol)
Lunch-egg on toast and a muller light if i want it
Dinner-Jacket pot with cous cous, mushrooms and onions
Snacks-orange, apple, raspberries (and no strawberries coz my daughter ate the whole punnet over the weekend grr lol)

Wish me luck lol!!! Hope everyone has a nice day xxx


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Indeedy we will! good luck hun......... not that we'll need it ey!! xxx
thank you :D yea still on track, iv not been craving anything today yay so i think iv got over that little blip, roll on tomorrow! ;)

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