I've been really bad!


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Just tried to post, but think it got lost somewhere. I've been in London visiting family for 6 days (was supposed to only be 3 days) and was having fruits for breakfast and lunch and for dinner I will spare you all the details (but it was so tasty). I got back on Thursday and since then I've had guests so have been pigging out. Really need to get back on the right track and afraid of what the scales will show on Monday!!!
Anyone else having a rough time following SW this holiday season?
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I had 4 days of plan over xmas and new years day off, but i'm now back 100% on plan and very reliefed to be honest i'm sick off fattening food, never thought I would say that :D

I think its best to draw a line under what we have eaten, move on and forget.

Good luck getting back on plan


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Im the same! Had weeks off and i'm worried i've undone months of good work, but i'll weigh in on monday and just take it from there. I'm back on plan already, just going to take a bit longer to get to target than i had originally planned! Good luck - we can do it!


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I put on 4lbs over xmas eeeeekkkk! But I've been back on it, don't let this little slip up become a very big one!


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To be hinest. Me!!! I honestly don't think I've been so big. I keep thinking I'll get back tomorrow, then having yet another last supper!!! Tomorrow i GO ABCK TO WORK, AND THEN GOING TO DO BIG FOOD SHOP! rEALLY WILL START AGAIN TOMORROW.



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S: 13st11.6lb C: 13st11.6lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Just managed to see how I go back and check on the threads without going back 6 pages....thanks to all the replies. Just posted again today with my difficulties!