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Ive been sooo bad for 2 days-sob


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I need help, inspiration, a kick up the bum, some sense knocked into me etc etc...

Ive been so bad for 2 days solid, i mean bad, eating everything in the cupboards and more:cry: Just couldnt help myself, all thoughts of diet out the window:mad:

So its weigh day tomorrow im sure il have gained but i need to get myself back on track. I wont be very good tonight either as inlaws are coming for tea so having lasange and a cheesecake:(

Please someone tell me off and get me kickstarted again for tomorrow:cry:
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i will be slim
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:whoopass:Oi !!!!! naughty naughty!!!!

Dont worry hun,if i was u i get back on it 2moro morning first thing!!

Eat loads of speed food and next week you will be fine.

if u gain this week dont worry we are all human at the end of the day!!


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I don't think it's a telling off you need, not if you're anything like me!

First of all have one of these:

And then one of these:

And then one of these:

Which is the line you will need, all ready to draw it, step across and start again.

You know you can do it - you've lost 6lb since you restarted, so you definitely can! It's just a case of having the strength to put the past behind you and begin again. It's one of the hardest things in the world I think. I'm feeling the same today after a horrible week, so I understand.

Sometimes I just think we need to be gentler with ourselves - sometimes a boot up the bum makes things worse, and a cup of tea and a hug and a gentle push in the right direction works wonders. :)

I weigh in tomorrow as well - I'll be thinking of you, let us know how you get on.


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everyone is right dont worry about it, we all have little blips and you just need to think of the bigger picture. This is an eating plan for life and things often stop us from being 100% all the time!

If it was me I think I would give the cheese cake a miss later on, you have already seem quite annoyed you have been so bad so my advice is to take control now! The cheese cake wont make it any better :)