I've betrayed SW...


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Sooo I posted that I was back on plan... until 6hrs later I caved again. I've tried to get back on plan and just CANT. I have no idea why as I was doing so well. So I've decided to join my OH on WW for a couple of months, A: because I need a break from SW but don't want to gain, and B: because I always lose more on WW inititally, so, I'm going to do WW for 4-8weeks, then rejoin SW when my head's ready again (out of this damn Christmas mode!)

I love SW too much to leave completely, so you can't get rid of me that easily, I WILL BE BACK! Hehe. I feel a little like I've failed, but starting something new seems to have brought back my motivation!! I'll linger about here in the mean time.

So, see you in a month or two!! :) Happy new year everyone.xxx
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The change will probably be just what you need! I did the same last summer... did SW for a few months then went back to WW. The change was exactly what I needed to get my click back.

Dont feel guilty... youve not betrayed anything... youre simply having a break but most importantly youre doing another plan - one you know is going to work.. .then youll go back to SW when youre ready - sounds ideal to me :)


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It doesn't matter what plan you're doing as long as you're doing SOME plan. Giving up competely is not an option.
Good luck with WW and keep in touch :)


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This is a website for weight loss in general. We are all here to lose weight and control our eating- we all choose different paths but the main thing is support and encouragement.

Good luck getting your head back in gear- this isn't about loyalty to a certain group- WW may be just what you need, mate