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ive blown it

im on my 2nd day and did well until i came home from work,id had a crap day anyway,then got home and decided i would do housework to take my mind off being hungry so i turned on kitchen tap next thing im standing in water cleared that up,cooked dinner for kids and picked and picked and picked,now im gutted cos ive ruined all my effort,obviously im wasting my time :(:(:break_diet:
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Its difficult, maybe try again you must have 4/5 days shakes left, keep going and finish the week out hun and see whats what with any losses. No more pick picking you can turn this around if you really want to.
And it helps to have your shake just before or as you are preparing you childrens meals to avoid the picking...good luck dig hard you can do this.
yeah i do want to,im so angry with myself cos id done so well.im just wondering now if i cant last 2 days what chance have i got.but i will draw a line under it and start again.
you have every chance in the world give it another go....start now....see the loss that should encourage you x


I'm losing it big time !!
Yes just start again, after a couple of days you won't feel hungry anymore you have to be strong and battle through at the beginning. I know it's been said before but if I can do this then anybody can seriously. Good luck x


Below 190lbs... wohooo
Oh please please please stick to it. I did the same thing and felt horrid. I got back on with it and even with my 'blip' I've lost a stone in the 1st month. I'm feeling good now, hang in there IT IS SO WORTH IT. Just try again tomorrow. You havent ruined anything
its really hard to get started with this kind of a diet. I had many false starts before I finally got it right and I havent looked back since. You really need to be strong and get this week under your belt!. dont give up, try again tomorrow. if it doesnt happen.. keep trying till it does!... you need to give it a proper try before you rule it out. if after that you still feel the diet isnt for you then maybe you should try something else.
dont give up xxx
Come on parkerala honey, you can do it. Hopefully you haven't just carried on eating - have you? even if you have tomorrow is another day and YOU CAN start again. Honestly the first 5 days are the absolute worst then it just gets better. This is the third time that I've done LT first was in 1997 and second in 2006, (have a total of 4 stone to lose now as I had a really bad accident and shattered my leg) I remember that each time the first few days were pure hell. Can your husband cook for a couple of days to get you started? It must be difficult with kids to feed.......
i havent carried on eating so im just gonna try even harder tmrw,i am in ketosis now so i cant mess up.ive got to do it this time,as for my husband cooking (i wish ) he is bloody hopeless in the kitchen.i think i have to try to carry on as normal really and get used to the fact that i cant be picking,after all when i have lost the weight i need to get out of that habit otherwise i will just pile it all back on.im gonna be a good girl from now on i promise, i have the most god awful headache now as well so thats prob my punishment for cheating.lol.Anyway thankyou all so much for all the advice and kind words,you are all so lovely and i couldnt do this without you,the best thing i did was finding this site. xxxx
Mine's useless too but we don't have any kids so I've just withdrawn my services in the kitchen! He's living on M & S and moaning about it....we even went round to my sister's last week and they ordered a chinese - had the cheek to ask me to shred the crispy duck! Needless to say I told them where to stick it.

Look forward to hearing how you get on tomorrow x:sigh:
'See you' tomorrow, going to bed now and try and get warm....so cold that I'm even sleeping with the electric blanket on. Night :4635:
Listen hun dont beat yourself up over it and to be honest I dont think ya done much harm! Everyone has little blips now and again myself included. But we are all human, just learn from it and move on. Stick the rest of the week out 100% and ya will get through it and we are all behind ya to help in anyway that we can! All the best and keep posting especially the first week it really helps!! If it helps for yourself split your packets into 6 shakes throughout the day instead of three that way when the kids are hungry ya can have a shake to stop from nibbling!! Gud luck hun

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