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Ive eaten a bag of Doritos, HELP!

Hi, oh my goodness i don't know what happened, i was fine all day, busy doing housework, had porridge for breakfast and a choc mint shake for lunch. Then i went to watch my son play cricket. i forgot to take my shake with me so being a good girl i came home to get it so i wouldn't be tempted with any of the lovely cricket teas being offered out! Well thats when it went wrong! I came home opened the fridge took out the shake and then reached ontop of the fridge into the box holding all my sons biscuits/crisps etc... I grabbed a bag of cheese doritos and before i knew it they were gone! I wasn't even particularly hungry at that point! I have really messed up, this is my first cheat in almost 2 weeks and i was doing so well :cry:
I am so disappointed with myself, has anyone else had a bad day or does anyone know how this is going to effect my weightloss this week?
A very sad, disappointed and fed up Jamie
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Recovering Foodaholic
Oh sweety! Don't fret, we all do it. Get glugging the water and get it flushed out of your system. Don't let it get you down and don't feel guilty, that can make you lose hope and control. Put it behind you and move on. Don't be disappointed, think of it as a learning curve- try and remember why you did it and when you get that feeling again, remember how you're feeling now xx
i'm sorry i have no idea how it will affect you but don't let what happened bother you - it has happened - it is easy to have a blip but focus on the fact that it was a one-time mistake and that it won't throw you off achieving your goal - try to turn it around positively, you can't undo it but you can assert yourself that it won't happen again

try to be strong - we are all here doing it with you


Serial Dieter!
It's just a packet of crisps... please don't torture yourself.... just keep glugging the water and put the box somewhere where you will have to make a special journey to get to it...(kids wardrobe, garage, sideboard cupboard?) so that you are not tempted by a single moment.
You acted on impulse, that's all. Forgive yourself and move on, the chances are that it won't affect your weight loss if you drink plenty and don't repeat the blip!

Thanks everyone, it is good to know i'm not alone. I was so ashamed i haven't told my husband about it, blimey it sounds like an affair!!! I have planned my day today as i'm spending alot of time alone as he is working all weekend and my son is always out too. Lots of gardening, more housework and then this afternoon a good book and my sun lounger (as i'm in the E Midlands where its going to be hot, hot, hot!) this afternoon. I can't tell u how much all your posts have boosted me to put it behind me and focus on the coming days to weigh in. I hope you are all doing well without any blips, don't do it!! It really does make u feel rubbish! xx
I haven't been yet, the meal is Wednesday just after i get weighed. I'm still going to go even tho i don't deserve it now! Just going to be extra good until then!
Woops! It happens; we're only human and let's face it, none of us would be posting on here if we didn't have some sort of problem with resisting food lol.

No real advice to offer aside from what I've read above: you're feeling bad now, next time you go to grab a nibble, remember the Doritos...
Ah pinkbabexxx

Forget the doritos, I have in the past slipped up when I was on Lighterlife, it was close to Christmas and I ate a chocolate Santa intended for friend's children. I just drank a load of water and still had a good loss that week.

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