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i've eaten :(


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Hi Maz, I don't know for sure but I would imagine that if your chicken wasn't fried and if it didnt have skin on it then you should be ok, depending on quantity. I don't claim to KNOW this I'm only going by the threads and info. I've read on CD, isn't it just like AAM week? Either way Maz, just put it behind you now, it's done with, just get on with the rest of the night as you usually would, forget about the chicken, have a glass of water and go on the HOUR BY HOUR thread, there's a great bunch of people on there, just don't eat anymore food, and remember how far you have already come, you've done brilliantly and just remember why you are doing CD, You'll be ok, don't worry about it and just carry on as if it didnt happen, maybe have an extra glass or 2 of water.
Hope you feel ok Maz xxxx

There'll probably be a CDC here soon to give you more answers. Chin up xxx
The most important thing is that you put it right behind you and start again right away. I agree that if it was skinless and you didnt eat a Big Bird portion it should be fine and should not knock you out of ketosis. Chin up girl and back with it now. Glug the water and it shouldnt make too much of a difference. And well done for avoiding the crisps.:p
From what i have read before, chicken wont take you out of ketosis but it just means that you have taken on more calories..... Try to leave it behind you know, and congrats on resisting the crisps.....

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Don't beat yourself up hun, after all we're all human & do find it difficult at times. Focus on how well you've done upto now! Put it behind you & move on!

Good Luck....xxx

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