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Yesturday i went to the tattoo shop to book myself in but they had a cancelation and said they could do it now.
So me been me jumped at the chance to get it done as ive been wanting it for ages.
They asked if id had anything to eat or drink that day so me been all cocky said yes and signed the forms to agree with everything.
Next min he starts doing it and OMG it hurt, ive had one done on my back before and was ok but this time it was on my wrist up close to my hand and it killed.
Then all of a sudden i started sweating and my head went all dizzy and i nearly colapsed, he stopped and gave me a drink of water and then carried on.
But i got even worse and nearly colasped again, he managed to finish it so i paid him and went outside and sat in the fresh air.
I had to drive home on my own and i still felt like c**p so i did what i thought was best and got something to eat but the first thing i came to was a chippy:cry: so i had that to eat and a sugar free fizzy drink.
I sat in the car and ate it and felt ten times better so i went home, but now im riddled with guilt im so ashemed of myself:break_diet:
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Hi Shelly,

I know how you feel. The guilt is intense. I dont recall feeling this bad when I ate too much on SW or WW!

I 'cheated' last week but went straight back to it the next day and managed to lose a pound that week. Just get stuck in, drink plenty of water and try on to be too hard on yourself.

Look at it as eating for medicinal purposes and then move on. You've done so well so far that one slip-up is not the end of the world.

You'll be fine. Dont be tempted to give up completely.

Now go and make a shake lol xx
Oh dear Shelley *hugs* It must have been awful for you sweetie. I'm glad you're feeling much better.

Move on, forget it. If you every feel like that again try and go for a lovely healthy piece of chicken. I'm sure it would do the same job and maybe make you feel less guilty.

I hope you haven't knocked yourself out of ketosis. Get back on the shakes right away and continue your journey. Keep remembering why you're doing this. Keep remembering that food is a fuel, not a comfort. We eat to live, not live to eat.

hiya.betsy so right.... u have eaten now u feel bad.... atleast u know u wont do that again.........life is a learning process. when i first started last year at times i had to eat, being asi and going to my mums or grans they dont let you leave with out eating.when i would get home i would drink lots of water jut keep drinking hoping it would flush me out...... but still everyweek id go for a weigh in n i would have lost even it was as little a 1lbs but i lost. as i knew it was my own fault. but it was just the situation i was in. now i dont go out anywhere and if i do its after there meal time so i just tell them i had dinner and came over, they dont ask me anymore.
chin up n move on drink plenty of water and move on now
Hi Zuleka! Welcome to the forum! It's a lifeline.

Remember you are doing this for yourself, no one else! You're looking after you. You want to be fit, healthy and happy to feel proud and better about yourself. You're a strong independent woman. Don't let anyone pressurise you into eating. They will be proud of how strong you are and your determination to live a long, healthy, happy life.

You can still go out and enjoy yourself! You don't need food to be happy. Say no. You'll be surprised at how powerful and strong you feel when everyone around you is stuffing their faces with fattening artery clogging gunk. They'll most probably be jealous of your will power!
Hi Betsy, ok I think you need some perspective on this, it is one thing to walk past food and then go back and get it with no reason.
Granted chips were not the best option however, I would say that you were a little (to say the least) worried as to how you were feeling and sometimes we have to listen to our body when it comes to health.

Especially as you were driving on your own think how bad it would have been if you have collapsed again while driving.

So instead of saying you have failed, try saying you fell, and now you are going to get back up, shake off the dust and focus on LT.

Be prepared for a smaller loss, but them do some exercise to try to counteract the chip incident.

You will be fine hun, but the key to destroying your sucess is beating yourself up over a blip.

Anna x
Just concentrate on 2day. i think guilt is part of this diet because it makes us recognise that we are choosing to eat certain things. you didnt eat for no reason you ate because of your health. you have only just started so just take this as a lesson learnt never get a tatoo and lie on the form haha! they have dem for a reason. it may take you a few days to get back into ketosis but you will get there.
You've admitted your mistake & you feel bad about it, so don't let it turn into a justification to keep eating or to pack in the diet. Just move on! It's probably knocked you out of ketosis, but, in a couple of days you'll be back there losing weight again!

What's your tattoo of? Are you pleased with it?

Good luck with getting back on LT :)


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