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I've finally beaten Day One!

Morning all!

Well I started on Thursday, and again on Friday, and again on Saturday- yep, you've guessed it... and again on Sunday!

But finally- I'm on day three!!! :D

I'm not going to lie, I've really struggled to get to day three - I've 'had words' with myself and arguments, and (shamefully) even a few tears - I really didn't think it was going to be this hard! You all make it seem easy - It does get easier doesn't it?

I'm chuffed that I've finally made it to day three, so I don't think I'll be starting day one again anytime soon! Please tell me I'm not the only one who got off to a bad start...
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Other way round with me young whale, I started with loads of willpower and it's only now I'm into it that I'm starting to look around and think "I wonder what would happen if............" :eek:

Haven't cracked so far though, but I'm wary of falling into the complacency trap that has sabotaged so many of my previous diet attempts.

I do really well to start with, then start to experiment to see how much I can get away with, and it all starts to go downhill from there...... so when I've failed and I start again I still think I know how far I can push it and I never usually even manage to start properly the second or more time.

It's a habit of mine that I think it is as important to break as my comfort-eating and greed.


Hi Beachwhale,

i am so happy for you that you are on day three.....you can do this.
Take one day or hour at a time. I am sure that you will be thrilled once you get to your first weigh in.
The first time round i found the first week really tough.
I really don't know how i am going to be the second time....which starts on sunday.

I have faith though that everyone on here will help me through it all.

Shaz x


taking it 1 day at a time
I had no problems getting going last year but its taken me a few months to start properly this time. I know it works so i didn't give up trying. Hopefully you will continue now you've got part the first few days. Good luck.


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Hi bw (sounds better than beachwhale lol)
I am very glad you have managed to get into it properly, and like you say it may make you more determined not to cheat as you know how hard it was to get started in the first place.
Good stuff - keep it up!
Bren xx


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Well done BW (i also think it sounds better)

It is hard and I've tried many times and failed to get started but eventually, it does happen.

Mondays are always a good start for me, its when I am strongest, lol


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Well done BW for getting those first couple of days behind you. It will get easier once you hit ketosis and your brain does not register hunger. I liken it to when I gave up smoking. I was a habit smoker so would smoke at set times. I think I prob was a habit eater too in that certain times of day would be associated with eating whether I was hungry or not.

"Am I hungry? No, but I'm sure I could eat something if pushed!"

Love Myr xxx
Well today is going well so far - I went shopping today for books and a load of bath goodies!
I've noticed that I really struggle in the evening... (Seriously, how many food adverts is there on the telly!!!) So I thought I'd have a nice soak in the bath with a face mask and book to take my mind of food.
I think you's are right, I 'was' a habit eater - But I'm feeling very positive, and I'm determined to change my food habits and have that bikini body for my holiday. x
I tend to tape the programmes I want to watch
you can whizz through the adverts

or hog the remote & turn the telly over when the soddings things come on
First week is pretty awful for a lot of us, because your body is screaming at you to be fed. Every sense that previously responded to food, either out of hunger or habit is currently tweaking and on edge. It's not surprising, really! However it does pass, and becomes easier. We may make it look 'easy' because we've passed that stage (and often facing a few other new and novel problems), but for most of us, it was definitely there!

Stick it out, anything that's really worth doing isn't easy.
I must have a rather strange metabolism or something. I didn't feel hungry or have problems getting into it right from day 1.
Or maybe I had eaten so much over Christmas I was full up until ketosis hit!?


Still Motivated
Either strong willed or all your Xmas food was gone but well done for getting straight to it Jesse. Your stats are impressive too!

Love Myr xxx
Problem is, as I think we've mentioned elsewhere, although the adverts are irritating as hell I am currently addicted to the Good Food channel and Come Dine With Me.......:eek: but they don't make me want to eat any more, I'm just storing up ideas for later! :D
Must better willpower than me Yams
I dreamt about eating toast last night

a slice of white toast
At this moment in time i am being torchered with Nigel Slaters Simple Suppers in 50 inch.

My first week ends tomorrow and ive managed to stick to it 100% but it was very hard. Everyone is right it gets alot easier as the days go by.
I'll occasionally watch Come Dine With Me, but more for the freakshow than the food. Have since discovered 'Four Weddings' so get my freakshow fix elsewhere now.

I am tactically not watching this series of Masterchef though :(

And hugest congrats Deedee for sticking it out for the whole week. A proper achievement, that. See - we wouldn't lie to you :)
Hey BW,

Well done. I love your posts. We are all rooting for you. Keep being kind to yourself. You are right it is not easy, which proves that by doing it you are a pretty powerful woman who can do more that you thought. Perserverance is a very valuable characteristic. Be proud !
I'm just at the end of day 3 today and really struggled today, felt so spaced out. But its all upwards from here!

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