I've finally started CD


Hi All

After much umming and aahhing I’ve started CD and have to admit that reading the posts on this forum before starting has helped me so much, and also convinced me that the diet is right for me. You are all such an informed and helpful bunch. I’m feeling really excited at the thought of finally losing this excess weight (4st give or take an ounce) but also quite nervous that it’ll all go wrong and I’ll go back to my old ways.

However I think the lightbulb has finally come on in my head and I’m really going to go for this – I don’t want another Christmas Day video with me wearing bagging joggers and a big t shirt!

Wish me luck and no doubt I’ll be picking your brains for support soon (especially when I want to chew my desk). Off to glug more water!

Have a great day everyone

Hello Sparkles Helen and Welcome.
Well done you on making a life changing decision on doing Cd.You'll find a huge amount of support here and as you say theres some great people on here full of the right information.
Good Luck
Good Luck! I too as I'm sure all do worry about those old habits it is something we need to work out and plan for. Concentrate hard now on getting started and enjoy seeing the weight drop off and feeling fab.

Looking out for you.

Dizzy x
Good luck helen and you sure will find all the support and answers you need on here!!

If i can be of any help at all just shout!!

Gen xx
Good luck Helen!

Just stick with it no matter what and you will be truly blown away by the results. We'll all be here to support you through the first few difficult days and beyond :)

You're about to embark upon the ride of your life so hang on tight!! :D
HI Helen
welcom,glad you have joined us on our life changing journey.
I will not say it will always be an easy ride but all the ups and downs are worth it inthe end,
Remember we are all on the same journey,using lots of diffrent means to get there but everyone is welcome
I am also doing CD and will be pleased to help you on your way if I can.
Drink lots of water,have a supply on pain killer on hand,try to make more time to pamper yourself,a nice bath or early night even a late morning if poss all help.
Looking forward to reading more about your journy.
We are all here for you so never feel alone
good luck {{{HUGS}}}
Hi Helen. Well done for choosing a brilliant diet!
Im on my second week, and have not looked back,also 12lbs lighter !
It really is brilliant,as are the wondeful people on here :)
Welcome aboard!!
Hi Helen

Welcome and good luck on your journey.
Ask any questions, there's always someone around to answer them.

Post often and let us all know how you are doing.

Jazzy x
Hi Helen
We're all scared of going back to our old eating habits but once you're a bit nearer being the weight you want, you can reflect on maintenance then. For now, just enjoy losing loads of weight!! Email if you need any support, the guys here are great.