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I've gained 4 pounds

before anyone mentions, I had my period last week so I'm pretty sure it's not that, usually for my average meals the past week I've been eating way below my syn value but yesterday I had a ripple which is 8 1/2 syns but that's it!! I don't know what I'm doing wrong:(

Breakfast : two Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages

Lunch : speed soup

Tea : salmon on salad

Snack: ripple

What am I doing wrong it's really putting me off? That's the most syns I've had all week and still gained weight:(
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Did you have your syns the rest of the week? Some people find if they don't have enough of their syns they don't tend to lose, or they maintain.


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Maybe you're not eating enough? I know that's only one day but I would starve just eating that. I have a ripple or flake or crunchie every night and I'm losing ok. Are you near target? Maybe a delayed reaction from something the week before, I used to get that a lot. Maybe if you've been eating the same sorts of thing for a long time your body has got used to it, maybe mix things up a bit.

It's possible you'll have a huge loss next week, but definitely eat your syns every day, I don't mean 15 every day, but between 5 and 15, and don't forget your Healthy Extras!

Good luck!


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Maybe you're not eating enough? I know that's only one day but I would starve just eating that.
That was my thought too. You might need to increase your meal sizes a little. It's amazing how much food you can eat on SW and still loose weight. As far as syns go, I usually average around 10 a day and still get good loses. Have a look through peoples meal plans on the food diary and weight-loss diary sections for some ideas, maybe. :)
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I find it strange when people say you should make sure you eat your syns everyday, because you self prescribe how many you allow yourself to have.

So what's the different between someone deciding they will have 3 syns a day, and having them everyday, and someone choosing 10 syns a day, and then only having 3 syns a day ... it's exactly the same. Doesn't make sense how that would effect weight lose.


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S: 17st0.8lb C: 13st10.4lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 32 Loss: 3st4.4lb(19.43%)
You're supposed to have between 5 and 15 a day, I tend to stick to between 10 and 15 but if my losses slowed I might go for 5 to 10. I don't really understand anyone who can't find a way to use at least 5 syns a day!
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I agree with lougalx and Wolf, it looks like you're not eating enough. If you eat too little, your body will think it's starving and hold on to the fat. I don't know the portions you had but even with being generous, the food you ate on the day stated above doesn't seem to exceed 700 calories (that's 175 for 2 sausages, 50 for the soup (assuming it was just vegetables in it), 150 for the salmon, 100 for the salad and 132 for the Ripple). You haven't had any healthy extras, which are needed for good health (fibre and calcium-rich foods) and as you say, you tend to keep your syns low. The syns are there to be used - they only add about an extra 300 calories a day if you use all of them and they do help with weight loss. I'd suggest upping your syns and maybe using them on more nutritious foods (including some fats - they are important to maintain good health, just in moderation) and also making sure you have both your healthy extras every day. Your body needs enough nutrition to realise that it's not starving and it's ok to drop some fat. The SW plan does work well as long as you follow it properly. Do you have the books and attend group? If so, could you show your consultant your weekly meals so that he/she can give you some advice on what you could change to see better losses?

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