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I've gained weight?!

Could be water retention (?). Is it TOTM? How much water have you had. When I checked the scales mid week I had gone up so thought it must be down to water. Drank and drank til I could take no more and I seem to have lost a lot of it now.


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It might be worth investing in some body fat/water/muscle measuring scales too. Remember, we want to be losing fat, so it doesn't really matter if our WEIGHT goes up so long as the body fat goes down.

If it is water retention, it'll all even out eventually!


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just glug loads down hon, until it feels like it's leaking out of your ears and i'm sure it will go. if you aren't breaking from the plan then it can't fail to work :)

abz xx


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I should also use the body fat measures on my scales - i don't know how to! I will read the instructions if I get my mind wanders to wanting a nibble this evening! Have to have lots of things to distract me from food some days and others I am fine.


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don't worry, since you've stuck to the plan like glue, theres no way you could have gained proper weight... it has to be water retention for whatever reason, keep going, hopefully your hard work will pay off twice over at your next WI... :)


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The weight is not shifting *worry* I'm heavier today! Have been chugging water but it's not helping!



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Are you weighing yourself at the same time each day?? If you do it first thing in the morning after a wee, that's a better time as it's what YOU weigh, not you and however much water you've drunk ...

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