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I've given up...


Restart 3/9/2013
We have had to have ours on last night and for a short while this morning, I waited as long as i could but its turned soooooooooo cold.xx
I'm still holding off, i'm really trying to be good with the pennies.
This morning up here in Dundee we had frost all over the cars. :eek: So might not be able to hold of much longer.
Yeah, I gave in yesterday and have turned heating on for half hour in morning and an hour at night, Im a mizzer with heating but it really is getting chilly at night:sigh:
Tiz :D


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I wont give in until about the time I have to start using deicer on the cars. Im so tight with the heating and the hot water. We are on oil not gas and its really expensive.


Restart 3/9/2013
I am all electric here, so have these stupid night storage things. I have only actually turned on the heater in my daughters room so far - thought it was only fair! Im not too worried myself - after all blankets are cheaper than heating :D


please try again
were going with extra jumpers for the time being as the gas bill previously ( the landlord changed it into my name the day i SHOULD have moved in but workers needed another 3 weeks before i got on..... and had heating on full blast to dry the plaster in that time, last bill was 190 covering that time ) so until madam gets sick ( not cos house is cold, shes lung disease ) it will have to stay off
Last night i put the heating on to warm little fellas bedroom but then I was sat in the living room with pjs, socks dressing gown and a hot waterr bottle.lol


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Wow you guys are much more disciplined than me, I've had the heating on for ages... I cannot be cold!!!


please try again
evans have these animals toy things that have wheat bags in them. you take the wheatbag out and pop it in the microwave. they cost £6 my wee girl cuddles up to one at night and if i need a hug in the daytime thats what i go for, lol


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I'm resisting still.... being tight, I've got a few new fleecy blankets to put on the sofa and sit under... lovely!

But not sure how much longer we'll be able to do it now though..
Our heating is ruled by the academic year! Being a teacher everything is measured by when the next holiday is! We have this unwritten rule the the heating doesnt go on until October half term....thats 3 weeks away yet....think I may have to re write the rules!!!:D
omg me & himself is always rowing over the heating!!he goes round in a t-shirt yes a t-shirt and moans its cold and turns on the heating (we have gas and its mad expensive) id be quite happy to throw on another jumper and bring a duvet down. Im at home all day and i never turn on the heating. about 5ish the house seems to get cold then i do try and resist but turn it on in the even for about a hr then later on for a hr and its set for a hr in the middle of the night and half hr before we get up. we got a bill for 2months after last xmas for 700euro i nearly fainted when i opened it thats why im trying to watch it. its easy to flick a switch isnt it but when the bill comes it a diff story! i like the open fire but then its really only heating the one room! :(
turned heating on yesterday for a few hours, just put it on, but as going out soon will turn it off and go to sleep with ahotwater bottle instead!
...and it's really wintery here, high winds and driving rain... good job am going to a pub with a log fire!


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I put mine on yesterday!!! I refuse to put it on before the 1st Oct regardless of how cold it gets, and it goes off promptly on the 1st Mar, and even then it's only on for an hour a day. I'm such a tight wad when it comes to the heating. The gas comapany actually owe ME money. Not holding my breath tho.

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