ive got a job interview today!

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  1. hippychicken

    hippychicken Full Member

    i only work 3 days a week as a nanny and im thinking of going to uni next year full time to do a degree to be teacher, so im thinking of working my other 2 days as i want to save up for next year, ive thought as my weight and what i want to do with my life has been issues for me why not sort them out if i can loose weight why not b a teacher!
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  3. RecoveringChocaholic

    RecoveringChocaholic I'm going to be slim

    Good Luck with the interview I am sure you can achieve all you want so you will be a slim teacher
  4. Tange

    Tange Silver Member

    Good for you, and its so vitally important to have a goal to go for after you have cracked the weight loss. Go for it and good luck with the interview.
  5. clarins

    clarins Full Member

    good luck for the interview, do your best,
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