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i've got the exercise buzz again!


is gonna shine in 2009
and i'm lovin it......used to go to the gym in past years but never seem to get the time now and by the time i've got to the gym i'm limited on time there and back etc.

and my old treadmill died last week and i'd just got into walking/jogging on it again and it broke :(

so my new one arrived this morning, been on it for 45 mins early morning and WOW how good does exercise make you feel for the rest of the day.......sorry pretty pointless post but wanted to share how easy it is to become addicted to the buzz getting sweaty gives you lol x:whacky068:
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i havent exercised at all this week and now dreading thurs wi:( good on you !!!


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Well done for the 45 mins on the treadmill! I know exactly what you mean about exercise making you feel really positive for the rest of the day! x
I feel really energized after ive exercised, especially in the morning. I do 20mins on treadmill and 20mins on rowing machine.
How far do you run on your treadmill?



is gonna shine in 2009
just starting on the running so i walk fast then run for a minute and repeat every 4 mins......i did 4.5 miles according to the computer on the treadmill x
Fair play to you....took the clothes off the cross trainer (no longer a clothes horse) so am going to aim for 20mins in the morning on this. Going to try and go for a 30min walk too - I know that exercise is something that will help me on the weight loss front. I know it did first time round. Isn't it great when you start toning up and people start noticing? Keep up the good work. No exercise at all this week - no reason why....I'm just LAZY!!!:(
I was a real lazy arse before ww but I got a second hand treadmill and used it 6 days a week for 18 weeks but hurt my neck and stopped, also my losses slowed down as our bodies get used to the same exercise. Sooooo I started zumba and love it I am going twice a week through school holidays and if money improves will go 3 times as it's fun. But I will return to treadmill as it's good exercise and interval training the best.

Super well done on exercising know how hard it us with having 3 kidds myself I hope your losses are BIG ;) xx
fair play everyone, i got the gym addiction a year ago, i went on hols and couldnt for my life get back into it. I started back 2 weeks ago, there is a gym beside my apartment so I am trying to go in the mornings now. Hope i keep it up tho, everything is a novelty with me for a few weeks then i give up agh
i have to start thinking that way, like u feel on top of the world after it for the day. Its just to get up and go. I lost 7 pound in 3 weeks going to the gym in the mornings last yr

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