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I've got them!

Hi all, well, I've just got back from Boots armed with my xenical so theres going to be no stopping me now lol! To be honest, I'm a bit nervous about taking the first one but I'm sure I'll be fine. Quorn steak and jacket potatoe for tea, which is low in fat so shouldn't have any undesirable side effects (hope not anyway cos I'm working tomorrow!) I didn't realise I would have to have a finger prick test for glucose, and the guy I saw was really funny. He had to prick it twice cos he couldnt get enough blood out first time as my hands were so cold...at one point he was knelt down in front of me squeezing my hand to try and warm it up and he said"I hope no one walks in now" it was so funny :D. Anyway, glucose levels and blood pressure are fine thankfully. I'll let you knwo how I get on.

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Hi Looby hope you have a great week and make good choices...i felt ,and feel really positve with help of xenacil...had no side effects at all. It defentley makes you think before you eat. Are you following a cetain eating plan or just low fat?? Sharon :)x
Hiya Sharon, thanks for your message. I'm just sticking to a low fat diet for now-I'm paranoid that I'm going to accidently eat something with too much fat in it and have an explosion :eek:...so so far its helping me be good:D.

Glad to hear you're doing well. Are you doing a particular diet or just eating low fat?

Lou x
Hi Looby im doing weight watchers....been doing it since january with not much success to be honest. Taking the Xenical has made me determined to succeed, as im grateful for the doctors help and i feel in control of the food. No more binging and picking at high fat food as i want the weight loss and not the side effects!!!!lol
Been to the supermarket and got a low fat curry ready meal, as freind are coming round for a few drinks and takeaway. I will join in but i dont need the fat!!!Sharon :)x
Yay Looby! Good Luck! :D

You will have to let me know what the quorn is like ;) I have got some in the freezer for when needed but everyone so far has said it`s not very nice so I`m a little apprehensive lol

Heres to the new thinner you! Xxxx


Regular Loiterer!
Oh LiSe, try the quorn meatballs.
I par cook some pasta twists and add them to a couple of tins of ratatouille in a baking dish, add some quorn balls and sprinkle some low fat cheese on top, bake in the oven until quorn balls cooked.... yummy!!!

Hope you like it x
Thanks Jax, Will look out for them :)

I have got some mince for spag bol (a favourite meal in this hse) and some sausages for when we have sausage,mash and gravy (another firm fave lol). xX
Thanks Jax :p. I'm at work today and as an Easter promotion we've had cadburys mini eggs on the counter all day and I have to confess I have had one :eek: :eek:...but normally I would have had the lot! I've had a sandwich with ww tuna on it for lunch and a muller low fat yoghurt, for tea I'm having a ww meal.

I'm going to have to buy some quorn meatballs-they sound gorgeous! The quorn grills/steaks are lovely Lise, they really fill you up and are low fat. I used to make spag bol with quorn mince when I did slimming world and its just as nice as mince.

Have a nice Easter everyone :p

Lou x


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Good luck. Just remember to holler if you need any help - the peeps on her are fabulous for support etc. xxx
Awww thanks for the good luck wishes, they're very much appreciated. Everyone on here is great :). Well I didn't have any "dodgy" moments in ther bathroom this morning lol, so I'm pressuming I must have done ok yesterday. Just wanted to ask though, are eggs ok on this diet? I was going to have one this morning but didnt have the egg box to check for fat content...I think theyre quite fatty (good fats), but not sure. I gave it a miss anyway, just to be on the safe side lol.

Anyway, thanks again ladies, and the fact that some of you are doing so well on this diet is a real inspiration.

Happy Easter

Lou x
I thought 1 small egg scrambled with some brown toast was ok :confused: Best steer clear of them then x

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