I've got to stop scale hopping

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by poppygreendog, 11 July 2008 Social URL.

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  1. poppygreendog

    poppygreendog Silver Member

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    :wave_cry: Its becoming a bit mad to be honest, I can't stop hopping on the bloody scales. I'm obsessed with weighing, its 6.56am and already I've been on there 3 times (I'm working at home today and so I have even more opportunities).

    I know I should not be worrying every day about it BUT I just cant help it. Last night I went to the pub with DH and drunk soda water, got home about 8.30pm and jumped straight on the scales, cos I was unhappy with what I saw I stayed awake getting up for ocassional wee's until I was reasonably comfortable that 3lb had gone (all the water I had drunk). I am worrying constantly because I think the scales are'nt moving and end up feeling depressed about my weekly loss because I convince myself its not enough because the scales don't move daily.

    HELP, I'm a serial weigher!

    Sorry to vent.

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  3. Penpen

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hello poppy,

    I can only comment from my own personal experience but it sounds quite unhealthy what you're doing. Staying awake through the night to see the scales go down is quite serious to me. I started doing this a few years back and eventually it led down quite a nasty route. You get obsessed with seeing the scales go down and like you said if they dont move you get upset. I started taking laxatives and all sorts just to weigh less.

    I chucked my scales in the bin so many times but I found myself always going down to get them out again!!

    Try and only weigh yourself once a day. Weight fluctuates from day to day,hour to hour and it's impossible to tell your true weight if your constantly on the scales. It might not seem that serious now but you truly get obsessed and almost on a high when it goes down.....

    Sweetie,try and restrict yourself. Like I said, you won't be able to tell your true weight anyway from doing this.

    I wish you luck :D
  4. airgirl

    airgirl Gold Member

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    Yeah i agree with penpen, my whole life i concentrated on weight and would become obsessed with it, i'm sure that contributed to my many failings on other diets. My first day on cd after i had been weighed by my cdc i came home and threw my scales away as i knew i'd become obsessed daily with them.
    I had no idea what i lost week 1 until i got officially weighed and i found the buzz more exciting. What i did do was go to Boots and get weighed there just incase my cdc has to cancel my session i know i can get an accurate reading if i needed to.x
  5. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

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    I do this too, not as much, but each morning, then at around 3pm which is my normal weigh time with CDC and then before I go to bed.
    Scales say I have not lost anything since Monday so I have been really really fed up and disheartenend, as I am a dedicated 100% CD'er
  6. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

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    awww hun that sounds so bad and unhealthy what your doing fair enough if you weigh once in the morning but staying awake at night thats serious i think. Ive no advice only try and get weighed once a week if ya can and if you must just weigh yourself once a day in the morning. we can put on 4/5 pounds throughout the day with clothes and water weight.

    becky xx
  7. poppygreendog

    poppygreendog Silver Member

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    thanks guys - went shopping to take my mind off it even though I was supposed to be at home working. I love Primark!!!! Bought 2 pairs of shoes for my holiday and a pair for work and a size 12 beach dress that does not fit me but will ooh yes it will for my hols at Christmas, got to do it now!! LOL

  8. abz

    abz Gold Member

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    ha. well done on the retail therapy :D

    i weigh myself each morning and record my weight. but i don't let it bother me. whatever it says it doesn't 'count' until a tuesday, which is my weigh in day. your body is constantly using water, replenishing cells with fluids, doing all kinds of mind boggling things that i just don't understand so your weight does fluctuate from hour to hour and from day to day. cut down hon. obsession is never a fun thing to get into. it can only lead to desperation and unhappiness :)

    plus, once you are addicted to this forum there really is no going back :D

    abz xx
  9. Camille

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    Cambridge diet
    I too was obsessed with weighing myself so my hubby hid the scales!!
    I had major tantrums to begin with but once I realised if you stick with diet you lose weight I don't worry anymore. I think I could become obsessive again once I start to introduce food but I'll tackle that when I get there!!
    I do hope you find a way to tackle this & best of luck xx
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