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I've got to wait 9 weeks...


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untill i can stop eating again!

Am getting 'bored' of it and want to be back on tfr :( but cant, ive got 2 holidays and then my graduation (which i can imagine will be a big celebration ;) ) lol

so am counting, 9 weeks today untill i am tfr again!! i just want that strict control back - i think im feeling blurgh cuz its monday, carb day and i've had carbs for brekkie, i dont have work and it's a lazy day - tomorrow will be alright, back at work, gym with the bro possibly :)

Aslong as i stay within the 12st range in 9 weeks i will be happy.

All about sensible choices and portion control ... right?!
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A little of everything!
Oh poor you, with all those events to look forward to? :p
I've got my local festival weekend this weekend and I'm looking forward to having a few beers and a BBQ'd steakburger at the fun day on sunday. Then I'll decide whether to return to TFR or stick at my 2 shake-1 meal plan (is there a term for this method?). I really want to lose the last 1/2 stone or so, but am in two minds about whether to just go for it, or give my body a few more weeks 'feeding' to allow my metabolism to 'wake up' a bit? And return to TFR in a month or so instead?
I have about 2wks worth of shakes left (from a friend who 'couldn't' do it) as my pharmacy won't allow me to do TFR again, so I'd be going it alone so to speak? And I'd have to re-feed after those 2wks as I wouldn't have enough shakes to do it for longer? :sigh: Hmm....I'm always trying to decide something eh? LOL!:p


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I must admit, TFR sounds terrible, but its definitely the easiest way to lose weight. I would have no hesitation on going back onto TFR if I wanted to lose weight.


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Lol do i sense sarcasim irish?!!!
I dont think there is a name for our method, although i guess its just refeeding aint it as basically it is the refeed programme - extended? lol

Mary, well i gave myself a few weeks to see how i felt at this weight but i think i'd now like to get down to 10st - my original weight before meeting the bf. Im going to see what i can do between now and when i plan to go back on tfr.

I just want the strict control back :( lol i'm a freak right?!!!


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lets invent a LT style 'food' that we can have foreverrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


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lol deal! :)


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why not use counting calories as a way of control. I have posted an update, but currently I am having about 12,50 calories a day. At weekend (sat) I have about 1500/1600 to include some alchol, so far I am losing a steady pound a week. I am doing 15mins on vibro place every night to.


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vibro plate - now thats that machine you stand on that vibrates right? they are weird lol
i totally understand and feel the same Tanya!!
i've put about 5lbs on since refeeding :( i'm not eating particularly bad foods, but have become addicted to things like dried fruit and greek yoghurt and can't stop eating them!! i feel out of control. when i was on TFR i felt fabulous - i felt SLIM, and every week i knew i was getting even slimmer. i miss the compliments - everyone is 'used' to my new weight now so i don't get many anymore! my tummy is very bloated too so i feel a lot fatter than i did on TFR. i miss that fantastic feeling after my weigh in and that amazing sense of achievement. i miss trying clothes on and being amazed that they were too big! i'm back on TFR again in 6 weeks - i weigh 13st now and want to get to 11st in time for xmas. i know it will be hard for the first couple of weeks again - but it's so worth it!
I can understand you wanting to go back on TFR, Tanya, it was a breeze, wasn't it!!! I hope you can at the very least stay the same weight as you are now and not get tempted to have "blow-outs" because in 9 weeks the weight will be dropping off again, very quickly. Just keep a very honest food diary and limit the damage on celebration events by keeping the rest of the day low-carb. I know for me, in the past if I came off a diet for an event, the WHOLE day would end up being a binge day. I seem to have stopped that particular destructive habit, but I am aware that I can eat more than my real hunger dictates..so I will always have to watch it!!! An Natters......ye, the compliments Do eventually stop as you stay the same, so make sure you tell yourself every morning when you look in the mirror, that you are a totally fabulous sex-goddess!!!!!!


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Hmm my downfall is hangover day - i want to scoff everything! Although since refeeding i dont think i've actually done this it always tends to be the day after hangover day i have a bad day.

Im always honest in what i eat and always write it in my diary - preparing myself for a :asswhoop: lol

Alcohol is bad isnt it! it triggers so many things buuutttt i'm going to enjoy my summer, limit the bad days and curb those darn cravings on bad days!

Back on TFR 28th september untill 30th november - hopefully get to 10st then refeed in time for xmas and new year :)
HI All
I want to be bk on trf again, i am eating and drinking to much and when i start just cannot stop lol, have put a few pound on since refeed which is ok as was under goal but this can snowball and feel like got no contol over it.
Today just going to have the 3 maint shakes and same tommorow to see if loose anything, dont no if this will work ?
Really not enjoying eating even the food i used to love like curry its ok but dont enjoy like i used to.
Well good luck to you all xxxx


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happydays - why not have 2 maint shakes and a meal - something like fish/chicken with salad/veg. This is what im doing as i dont think the maint shakes are meant to be taken like TFR shakes.
Might just do that tanya, try and keep on the right track lol
Good luck you have done so well and must be really proud of yourself xxx
Hi Tanya. I am also still struggling with being off TRF. On one hand very pleased that my weight has now stayed the same for about a month (even with two short trips to Barcelona and Dublin) but I get urges/munchies all the time and hate that my tummy does bloat like it used to on and off before TFR.

However, my sucess is that I now easily avoid bread and fruit now as I have had strong colic pains when trying to reintroduce so my brain has finally kicked that habit into touch. I choose very wisely when eating out but when at home surrounded by hub/children's treats I need loads of willpower. I am still chomping on whole carrots like a rabbit which works :)

I mentioned in a post a little while ago about missing the shakes (especially my morning 'coffee latte') but I now have found that half a large carton of low fat natural yoghurt blended with blueberries gives me satisfaction too!

I also miss the compliments as everyone is used to seeing me this weight now....defo think that effects my motivation...
Bin the alcohol then........SIMPLES....(squeak!) !!!!!!

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