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Ive had enough....please help


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Hello Guys

i never ever had an idea that it is this hard... today is my third day and i have 1 shake and water.. yesterday i could only stomach 1 shake as i felt physically sick at the thought of having anymore... so just drank loads of water to make uop for it.... all i want do is eat and eat... i have noticed in some people signature that they have refed for a weekend and then got back on it the next day is this possible....and if i did do this 1 weekend what would be the best thing for me to eat.. im sorry but its killing me.. but i dont have time to waste as im getting married end of this year and would like to loose about 9 stones... even if i did lose 5 stone i will be happy
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Oh babe I'm sorry to hear you're struggling - but the 1st week is the killer - it kinda makes or breaks you - but don't give in. You want to lose about the same as me - and I'm on week 3 now with some fantastic losses. It really is worth it.

The shakes - well play with them a bit more. I dilute mine more, add some ice and sweeteners and give them a good blend - they taste a lot better believe me. You can also play with making them hot, having them with peppermint tea or turning them into mousse (haven't tried this last one myself) - but really - they do get better.

The soup - feels more like a meal - especially when you add some chilli to it. Again play with the strength of it and make sure it is properly blended.

I took some pics of myself - and realised how big I had actually got. I measured myself and that was it. Your head really has to be in this for it to work. You have to really really want this. I wouldn't suggest a re-feed so soon into the diet. I'm not going to do re-feed until September!

Massive hugs sweetie - please don't be down and please give it a proper chance xxx


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Hi Sam,

It can take the body a few days to adjust to all the vitamins and minerals in the shakes...to try and overcome the taste you could divide each pack into two and make each half up fresh and remember to consume within 15 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble. So instead of having three Lipotrim meals a day you have six mini meals spread out through the course of the day, this can help with the hunger.

That way you don't waste a whole pack and half a pack is easier to consume.

In time your taste buds will adjust and you will no longer be so sensitive to the taste of vitamins etc., in the packs.

Today is only your third day so it would probably take another day to get into ketosis and this helps greatly to reduce the feelings of hunger or in some removes it completely.

If you feel you must eat you could have a small portion of skinless chicken and some non-starchy veggies along with your Lipotrim shakes.

You might find the Lipotrim maintenance shakes and bars easier to take as thy are a bit sweeter more like Slimfast and you can have these along with a meal and still lose weight, it would be best to discuss this with your Pharmacy and see what they advise.


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My first week was hard. I was so used to going and getting any food I wanted I craved everything and wanted to eat the world. But I made sure my water intake was 3-4litres which made me feel fuller and stopped me getting headaches. I experimented with the shakes straight away as I too found them disgusting as they were.

I found myself keeping busier - and having the shakes/soup at different times. I have mine at 11, 3 and 8 to space them out and stay away from other people's typical meal times. When other people are eating I just remove myself - that really helped in the 1st week. x


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Day three too

I'm on day three too, I've managed to do the three shakes a day although I've taken the strawberry ones back. I am really hungry though today, apparently after we get over today and tomorrow it gets a lot easier. I think I am just not used to feeling hungry it is not a nice feeling!


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I agree with not being with people when they eat, also mini gave some brill advice about using the maintenance bars, litpotrim is such a hard diet in the first week and it doesn't suit everyone (it didn't me), there are other vcld's if you decide it's really not for you. Try to drink as much water as possible, i find having bottled water next to me makes me drink more as i sip it throughout the day. Please try to drink all your shakes, having smaller ones throughout the day is a good idea, if you only have one a day you won't get all the vitamins etc that you need to stay healthy. Good luck hun :grouphugg: to you


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aww hunny im sorry u feelin rubbish, this does pass once u hit ketosis.

in regards to the shakes like slinky sed try different ways of makin em. i av em cold wiv a pint of water an i always use a straw. makes em go down better 4 me. :p

i no the shakes r not the best but u need 2 c em as the key to ur weight loss. they provide all the vits an mins u need to survive an not feel hungry whilst the body will get the rest it needs from ur fat stores.

but u cant miss the shakes as u not gettin the goodness ur body needs an u just gona make it more difficult to continue.

u really need to look at the reasons u started this diet, its a fab diet but it is hard an u cant hide ur head in the sand an say u cnt do it wivout even tryin properly. its bin 3 days hun an i no its hard on the 1st wk as u goin thru withdrawel but it does get better. u need to down the drinks or 4 every gulp of shake av sum water. try an get thru this week, avin all the shakes an water then see how u feel after weigh in.

the health benifits alone r amazin an once u hit ur first weigh in then it spurs u on but u need to b in the right zone to b able to stick wiv it.

i dnt mean to b harsh but i no wot im talkin about. ive done this diet an lighterlife soo many times in the past an in the end ive bin like u an not ad the shakes coz of the taste, texture etc aswell as all the other feelins such as bein cold an just generally hatin the diet an ive lasted 1 wk 100% then picked the rest of the time until i gav up after 2-3wks.

this is my 3rd proper attempt at LT an its bin fantastic 4 me. i finally get wen others say they feel great an enjoy it. ive ad a few tough days but ive bin 100% an its bin such a revelation 4 me, my mum sed my head is finally in the right place to start the diet an commit 2 it.

im also seein the benefits in my health already plus losin 19lb in 3wks. :D

if u really do need to eat sumthin then stick 2 protein like chicken or tuna/prawns, this wnt effect ketosis but may effect losses dependin on how much u eat.

just think in small stages. i started on the 4th may an my target is my birthday on the 7th june (gona b 23:)) then its race 4 life in july an so on an so forth until im hopefuuly at my ideal weight in december in time 4 my cousins weddin. ;). if u set mini targets 4 urself an take it day by day or week by week then it makes it loads easier thean thinkin u av months of tfr. plus av sum disractions ready, my room has never been so tidy an my dogs r gettin loads more walks!!:)

plus dnt think that u never avin food agen, this is small time in ur life to get to the size u wnt an re-educate urself where food is concerned an be fab at ur weddin. :D

sorry 4 the big speech hun. :8855:. hope u can make a decision that will suit u an make u feel happier.

good luck :)



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I split my packs hunny, i have 6 mini meals. Tis easier for me, i dilute them quite heavily plus extra water afterwards. I am actually enjoying the vanilla warm with coffee and a sweetner. I would have vanilla all the time if i wasnt so worried about the amount of caffiene due to my additions! Do whatever works best for you. I hope it gets better for you :)


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Oh hun, I really feel for you. Ive sampled quite a few of the VLCDs around and LT is the worst tasting one by far. Sparklebug is right, if you are really struggling, consider changing to one that has more palateable bars (CD and Exante).

Please try and force the packs down you. My last time on LT I was only having 2 packs a day because I struggled with them and ended up with serious pneumonia 4 weeks before my own wedding. This time on Exante I deludedly had only 2 packs because I thought it would boost my losses...it didnt, I stayed the same and again, I ended up with Tonsillo-Laryngitis and off work for a week. Now I am having all 3, I feel fantastic!

This diet is hard, but you know by example on here it works. You have a fantastic goal to aim for...imagine walking down that aisle in 6 months time...you could lose 5, 6 stones or maybe more and people will be like....'who's she?...what happened to Sam?' Lol.

The first week is horrendous. There is no way of getting out of it. But listen...in 4 days time you will weigh in and get hopefully a good result.

Please, just give yourself a chance. You can do it. The hardest part is over because making the decision to give up food and a unhealthy lifestyle is a difficult one to make. You've done it. You should give yourself a pat on the back.

Now drink that water girl...have yourself a black coffee with sweetener because its bliddy cold today...perhaps research other VLCDs just to see if they'd suit you and stick around on Minimins...this place is what has gotten us all through those difficult times.


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Thanks guys for all the support

if someone didnt recognise me on my wedding i would be sooo happy... thats would be my dream come true... :D

I have just been to boots and weighed myself and i have lost 5lb in 2days( did it about 1pm)..:).thats kinda given me motivation...

well i will be sticking with it... and if i feel i must eat then it will be chicken on its own with salad nothing else coz i dont want my hard work to be a waste...

i just hope i carry on.... even if i lose 4stones on this i would be happy as i havent been that size as long as i can remember

Thanks you been fantastic and such a great support
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It is hard, i've been yoyo dieter for years and never thought i'd be able to stick to something as strict as lipotrim, but i've got past the first week, and yes it is killer' but it is getting easier and the support i'm getting from everyone on here is whats making a big difference,


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Sam dont give in!
Im on day 6 and feel like eating soooo bad but i know once i get through another week i'll be fine.
Ive set myself little goals, im gonna stick to TFR for 8 weeks then have 2 weeks on refeed then back on LT for another 8/10 weeks.
Maybe that would help, smaller more realistic goals.
And as for the shakes, i drink mines straight down (dont know if your supposed to) or i hold my nose :) saying that, today i havent, oh i think they must be getting better lol
On that note, off for a vanilla shake i go :)

Remember why you wanna lose weight xx


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At least the jump on the scales have given you the boost needed, you must make sure you drink all your shakes or you will not be getting all the neccessary vitamins etc, I also was like you.....was wretching with every mouthful of the vanilla....but I dilute my shakes to nearly a pint.....

Keep up the fab work.....cant wait to hear your official weigh in results


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Glad you have decided to carry on.......the support on the forum is next to none and HELPS enormously esp when you are feeling the way you feel! You are certainly not alone and we all go through thoughts and feelings like you have done at some point.

I am off LT now, and it helped to kick start me!

You have a goal in mind and a lovely wedding to remember for the rest of your life! What inspiration you have to get to that goal.

Like I said when I wasnt eating,,it isnt for ever...just a little rest.

I used to just have choc mainly, with around 16 crushed ice cubes......almost like a McDs shake, and made it with very cold water around 400-450ml!! I used to love it, BUT I do remember the very first time I tried LT!! I gagged for a day!!!!! By the end, I loved them!!! Your taste buds do changes sweetie...but, just keep looking ahead and all you can lose is weight!!

Take care


this is SPARTA!
S: 13st13lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 1st5lb(9.74%)
Just to let you know hun. A good friend of mine is getting married in September. She's just been to try on her wedding dress today. She's been doing TFR for 12 weeks. The dress was TOO BIG ON HER and she told me she cried with happiness. That could be you!

Well done on the 5lbs and please, keep going...I really think you can do it.

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