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I've had enough!

Hi Guys.
I've been struggling like mad since Friday on this diet as you know and I decided today to go for a weigh in and refeed.

I've lost another 2lbs in the last 5 days and I'm really pleased with that but I also know my limits and if I try to stick to TFR for too much longer I will fail bigtime. I am going to try to lose weight on maintenance after the refeed though and if I get my mojo back I may be back on TFR.

I dont consider this to be quitting, just damage limitation before I have a major blow out and give up all together and perhaps undo all the good work I've done so far.

Thank you so much for all your support these past 3 weeks. I'm sorry if I've disappointed anyone. I'll still be sticking around to see how you're all getting on.

By the way. Is there anyone on here who is losing weight through the lipotrim maintenance plan?
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Of course you've not disappointed anyone Delly - you've got to do whats right for you there's no point on being on TFR and hating it that would be awful.

I hope that whatever you decide to go for is good for you and that you reach your goal.

Good Luck.
This diet is hard!!! and not for everyone - you know what's best for you. You haven't disappointed anyone and I wish you luck in your weight loss journey
I will be sad to see you stop TFR Delly, but you need to do what is right for you, and i think it is sensible to quit before you mess up completely, which you think is a probability...

Well done on sticking at it as long as you have, you are certainly not a failure hun x x


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I think u should keep going. It is so easy after week three, so just one more week of hardship and you'd be on the home run. Honestly hun i urge you to stick at it. I know how hard it is, we've all been there but it honestly does get a million times easier.

I tried to quit when i was at ur stage for the exact same reasons and someone on here ( sandra i think) told me just to take it minute by minute and day by day and once i got through the next little while itd get easier and it totally has!! Im flying through it and im so glad i have cos i look and feel like a totally differant person. Its totally changed my life!!!

So i really do urge u, if there is any way at all u can motivate yourself to stay on for another while please do!!! U will b so glad u did cos honestly you've done the hard bit and its about to get so much easier. Xxxx big hug to you. Xx


Getting married in July!!
Hehe thanks daisy, it really is true isnt it, once you get through that first wall your flying!!!! I didnt think id last a week and here i am in my 13th week and it doesnt even really bother me not eating any more because i know how fantastic i look and feel today. It feels great to hav stuck at it. I really relate to dellys situation cos thats exactly where i was about ten weeks ago. Hope she can summon up enough strenght to make her stay on day by day and c how it goes cos shes done the hardest part. Xxx
Thank you so much for the support Su, Daisy & Different username, but I know my own limitations and I honestly think I'll mess up big time if I keep going the way I'm going. At the minute I've lost 23lbs in 4 weeks which is the best I've ever done on any diet.. I know you're probably right Differentusername, but at this time and at this point I really want to go out on a high rather than as a failure and I guarantee, I'm so stubborn I will decided to blow it in a major fashion and I'll never go back on Lipotrim or any other TFR again.

I really see this as a success for me. I've stuck at it far longer than I expected and I want to make sure I finish TFR on a high so that I know I can do it and come back at some point in the future.

I plan to maintain and hopefully lose more by taking the 2 maintenance products and a dinner every day so I'm not leaving lipotrim completely and at some point (probably after christmas) I will be back. My head just isnt in the right place any more.


Getting married in July!!
Its great that u have lost so much weight so fast!!! Thats nearly two stone. Well done!!! Congrats on four weeks! ( by ur stats i thought u were in wk two). Best of look with loosing with maintence. Im sure it'll b tough but totally doable. I cant wait to hear how ur getting on with it. Will u still go for weekly weigh ins and come on here? I think itd help. Plus i cant wait to hear how u get on cos ill still have weight to loose when i come off at christmas and id love to know if this is a good way to do it. Best of luck!!!! Xxx
Yes differentusername. I do intend to keep going for weigh ins. I think the two replacements plus a meal will suit me much better. I know that its going to be tough but I intend to keep at it and of course I'll hang about and let you guys know how I'm getting on.


Getting married in July!!
Brilliant. Best of luck. Xx
Bets of luck Delly, it's far better to stop now if you think you would cheat soon, you're being sensible. Well done on the weight loss, it is a massive achievement in 4 weeks, you should be proud! Looking forward to hearing how maintenance goes :) xxx
I've been on day one for two weeks nearly and I'm still losing weight if that helps...

Just chicken and salad every night and shakes in the day time....

Good luck what ever you decide, see you in refeed section, think I'm the only one there lol billy no mates
Delly good luck. This diet is very very hard. But you have to do what is right for you. This is not a diet you can do half heartedly. You can always come back after a break and lose a bit more if you feel the need to. You have done amazingly well and lost a lot in a few short weeks. I wish you the best of luck, please keep us posted on how your are doing x
Best of luck whatever you decide Delly but only you can make that decision and you're not letting anyone down.

Why don't you start the refeed and see how you go, as you've still got a bit to go the weight will probably continue to drop quite easily but you'll also feel better so I'm sure that will help. Amanda seems to have got it sussed so I'm sure that she'll help you stay on course and I'm moving over next Thursday too so we can all do it together like we did on here.

But whatever you do, do it properly and please don't go on a major binge cos that probably would set you back permanently.....



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Good luck Delly, wishing you all the best! xx
Thanks Sandra & Abbie.. I'm on day 2 of refeed and although I'm glad I'm not on the tfr any more I do think if I'd planned and allowed myself a protein & salad meal it might have spurred me on to do at least another week. Today has been incredibly easy I've been mad busy all day and have hardly felt hungry at all. I didnt have dinner until 8pm and it was miniscule and I'm still stuffed!
Thanks Sandra & Abbie.. I'm on day 2 of refeed and although I'm glad I'm not on the tfr any more I do think if I'd planned and allowed myself a protein & salad meal it might have spurred me on to do at least another week. Today has been incredibly easy I've been mad busy all day and have hardly felt hungry at all. I didnt have dinner until 8pm and it was miniscule and I'm still stuffed!
And you don't want to pig out on crap eh?.......I had eggs again tonight and felt totally satisfied with just that. I'm officially referring from next week but as I've decided to follow the Dukan diet I'm not going to re-introduce carbs just yet so I don't fall out of ketosis.

Read up on it Delly, it might be good for you too........

I'm starting to think that a protein and salad meal from time to time might actually help us stick to the diet in the longer term as it satisfies but doesn't make you want to carry on eating!
Well, to be perfectly honest Sandra, No, I didn't want to pig out on crap. I had a moment ... and it was literally that in the shop today when I went to buy bread for my DS, I went to pick up a bar of chocolate and stopped and thought to myself, no. you dont want to go back down that road Edel...

I think on day 1 & 2 of refeed you're still in ketosis of a sort but I feel better than I have in a very very long time.

You might be right about a planned meal of protein and salad at some point. Doesn't Exante and other tfr diets have a week where they insist you eat like every month or something? I think on the major wobble days that I had and you and Su seemed to have had earlier this week could have been avoided if you had some controlled eating.

I dont know, I'm far from the expert but I think when I go back on lipotrim (probably in the new year) I'll plan a salad and protein meal every so often to prevent the wobbles!

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