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  1. slinkymalinkey

    slinkymalinkey Feeling fab!

    such a fabby day...........shopping :D

    I bought a new outfit for my OH footie do in a few weeks in a size 14 :D I am so chuffed,can you tell ;)

    I also bought two new pairs of shoes,i have gone down a size and my feet aren't as wide. Oh and an animal bag.

    I also tried on a gorgeous dress in Debenhams,it was beautiful. But i couldn't justify spending £100 on it,maybe once i'm a target and also i need a wedding invite in order to have an excuse to buy it ;)

    I took a photo in the dressing room and i have added it to my profile :D

    What's everyone been upto today?
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  3. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Just looked at your new pic, you look great. That's a lovely dress! Hope you get your wedding invite soon!

    I've got an evening do to go to in 2 weeks and bought a lovely outfit in size 14 too. Can't believe it! I've also gone down to a size 5 in shoes, which I find weird but not complaining.

    Great to be buying clothes in these sizes isn't it? Couldn't imagine doing it back in January when we started.

    Anyway, glad you had a great day shopping and you deserve a treat cos you've done so well. Keep up the good work.

    PS, when you refeeding then?
  4. slinkymalinkey

    slinkymalinkey Feeling fab!

    Aww,thanks Bev.
    I so fell in love with the dress but just can't buy it until i get to target,no point really.

    I can't quite believe it either Bev,we both deserve a huge pat on the back. I'm also 7lb lighter than my hubby ;)

    Regards to refeed, i'm waiting until i get to target and then aim to do it,well that's my thoughts at the mo. Even though when i get to my target goal, i will still be slightly overweight and bmi but just like yourself i always said i am aiming for what i feel comfortable with. I think it's the best way,to be fair i would be happy just sticking in a 14 and being comfortable. All i don't want to happen is be inbetween sizes and "feel the need" to get down lower. This does worry me,as i just don't think it would suit me in all fairness,who knows. So i'm hoping 4-5 weeks and i should be at my goal.

    Have you started planning your refeed yet? I keep meaning to,but the whole thought of it just worries me.
  5. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    I have started planning for refeed already and have bought some balsamic vinegar for my salad and some herbs and spices for my chicken. I'm always planning things, I like lists too!! I'm not worried about the refeeding at all, I was several weeks ago but now I just can't wait for it! I'm bored of the shakes to be honest and just want some other flavours.

    I was 1st 7lbs lighter than my hubby today. Can't believe one of my goals was to be lighter than him. I started out 4 1/2 stones heavier than him so I'm pretty pleased with that, as you can imagine.

    Have you found the time has flown by on LT? I have. Can't believe I've been doing it for 18 weeks already!
  6. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Well done to both of you. Isn't shopping more fun when you don't have to go to the outsize department!!!! I burst into tears in Evans last September when I fitted into a size 14 - much to the bemusement of the shop manager who had helped me do up the zip!!!!!! Lol!

  7. copog

    copog Silver Member

    OMG stunning is the word. You were beautiful on the before pictures too. I bet your confidence has soared. Well done. xx:):)
  8. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

    Amazing difference, you look younger too. Love the dress, really suits ya! :)
  9. slinkymalinkey

    slinkymalinkey Feeling fab!

    My my Bev,you are organised! Good for you,it's good to plan ahead,i feel it's easier and helps you stay on track. I need to start really. I also empathise when you say you are bored,yep i'm fed up too and looking forward to the next stage but can't help worry about it. But hey if we have come this far,anything is possible to achieve :D

    Looking back now, i feel the time has flown and can't believe we are so close to the end of our LT journey. I have had so much support and guidance from this board in order to get where i am today,you being one of them ;)

    Thanks and I couldn't agree more cuddly. Bless you in Evans,so you should be so proud of getting so far,you've done marvellous.

    Aww,thanks binger. You are right i do have this new found confidence,long may it continue :D How are you getting on?

    Cheers Lyn,i feel ten years younger. Hope your journey is going well and thankyou for your lovely comments on my pics :D
  10. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    You've been one of my biggest supports whilst on this too, think it's cos we started so close together and seem to have almost as much weight to lose (although I do have more than you to go).

    Planning the refeed is really enjoyable for me. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, far from it but to think soon we will be eating real food again and enjoying lots of different flavours is so exciting!

    Don't worry about it too much, you've done so well on this, you're bound to do just as great on the refeeding too.
  11. joy1

    joy1 Silver Member

    you look so good, its make it so worth it doesn't it.
  12. kered

    kered Gold Member

    This is a definite boost when you can go out and buy clothes in smaller sizes and wow, you look darned good girl. Well done you have done marvellous.

    Strangely enough, one of my goals was to be lighter than my Husband and I am not nearly 2 stone lighter than him.

    Well done again, fantastic picture.


    You look absolutely gorgeous!

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