I've joined the Gym!


Is thinking positive!


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I would recommend doing weights. If your gym has a Body Pump/Body Fit/ body Sculpt class (they're all pretty much the same) its like a cardio/weights workout which is incredibly efective and targets all the muscles without you ending up looking like Arnie at the end. When I did it (why oh why did I stop! grrrr!) I looked and felt great. I'm going to go back actually. It really is brilliant.


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I used to use the hip and thigh aductors if ya gym has one of them use that and do about 3 reps of 12 but do them slowly loads of people do em really quick to get it done but that doesnt have any effect Also the cross trainer is great for working everything i used to do it for about 10 mins to start when i first joined and then built up to 20-30 mins and do it on FAT BURN if it has that option on it

Why not see if they can do you a workout sheet and give you advice at the gym xx


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Congrats Laura, good 4 you, i think the best burner is a cross trainer, even if you do it slowly on an easy level to start with, you can work up some sweat and slowly increase the pace, difficulty and time. If they have cardio / step classes, grab one its a great motivator.
I've been paying membership since Jan but not used it enough. I must get back into it myself. Also, ya gotta dring lake loads of water. you'll be fit in no time hun!


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Good luck with the gym,can't advise coz ive never been to one....Hmmm may have to rectify that sometime soon..your have to keep us posted as to how it goes ,all the best Caz xx


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well done you said you were going to do it and you have at the gym I go to they will organise you a programme based on what you are looking to acheive so ask them if they can do that for you

all the best take it slowly and build it up steadily



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Hi Laura, the best thing you could have done at this poitn is join the gym, so well done. I wouldn't attempt to do anything in the gym though until you have been assessed. Then you ccan tell them the areas you want to focus on. Main thing first of all is to get your fitness up from Cardio, crosstrainer and treadmill are best for this, get your heart pumping. Wish I had started the gym earlier in my weight loss than I did. So well done you! Good Luck xx


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Babe x

Well done on joining it's the first step.

I've noticed a big difference doing weights and there are lots of girls doing it now. You will lose loads of cals, it tones and increases your resting metabolism.

You cant lose x