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I've just had a mad half hour, somebody stop me!


I had a mouthful of my sister's cider, which led to three cherry tomatoes, a slice of cucumber and a wafer thin slice of cheddar cheese, about the size of three postage stamps. :eek:

God help me. Someone thrash me, I'm now craving something really savoury and tasty. I haven't had my third shake yet, shall I skip it and get some water down me and have an early night and put it behind me?

I hate myself. :cry:
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have the water AND the shake! Put the whole sorry nonsense behind you but if you dont have that shake it will feel too much like you've broken it and strayed and it will be harder to focus your mind back on LT. Come on -you shouldn't have done it but its over, move on and get on wit LT!!

We've all done it ya know -it doesn't have to be the end of the lt world!;)
It's because I'm feeling thin. I always do this, lose weight then think great, now let me have a nibble... and off we go. :sigh:

I shouldn't have had that fatal glug of cider. I'm so MAD. :mad:
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I get like that too lol -2lb off and I'm miss weight loss. Do be mad at yourself -for a little while -just enough to remember not to sabotage your own plans again. You're soooo close ya mad woman ;)

Break those nasty habits that we all have that have us all on LT and keep that lovely feeling of being thin forever.

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I slipped the other night too, and if you scan through you'll see loads of 'I ate!!' or 'Oh NO' threads lol -we ALL fook up sometimes -please forgive yourself and carry on to your goal. We all need the inspiration too ya know -so no pressure or anything! ;)


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zayna don't hate yourself over this blip..it only will become an issue if you then do the "oh sod it I may as well just give up now". I know what you mean in the past I have done that thought I was losing weight so could just have a bite or a taste etc(not on lipotrim so far fingers crossed but only on day 5). If you beat yourself up over it you will only see the negative, see the positive that you have admitted the slip and you have the ability to get back on track xx
(oh god my lot just came in with fish & chips!!!!!!!!!!!! where is my water)


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Having eaten all up the hungry caterpiller went into a cocoon and woke up a beautiful butterfly.....

There is hope - eat your shake, drink your water and back on the wagon
Big hugs x
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Gotta agree with the majority........... get straight back in the saddle, have the shake, drink loads of water, and carry on tomorrow as if you hadn't had a slip. Just be stronger round the plonk next time lol
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drink your shake drink the water go to bed forget about it (it could have been much worse) tomorrow is a new day
aal the best
I forgot it and moved on.

Did 150 sit ups, drank a litre of water, had a shower, went out to watch a band and drank another litre of water.

God, WHYYYYYYYYY? I don't binge, I pick. Pick at stuff that would normally not matter one jot, I mean ffs, a few cherry tomatoes. Why could I not pick at those when I wasn't on a TFR diet instead of picking at bags of crisps? Then I wouldn't be on the wretched TFR diet at all.

Anyway. Back on track, still in ketosis.

Thanks for all your replies, however harsh. ;)

Zayna x

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