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I've left myself no option...Can't decide if that's a good or bad thing!

So I've done something very spontaneous... Myself and 2 friends have booked a holiday for the 4th of July, This is so unlike me, I have a son and partner and seeing how the OH is going for 5 day's to the Download festival he suggested I go, but my initial thought was "It'll help me stay on track" But now I'm panicking!
One of my friends I'm going with is about my size and she's also going to be doing Cambridge until we go, but the other friend is the most beautiful girl I've ever met, she's a teenie size 8 with a lovely bunch of coconuts (tee hee) I just need to stay on track so I don't look like an absolute bloated heffa next to her by the pool, It's genuinely worrying me! I'm being silly I know I am, but I'll feel like I've failed if I don't get down to that weight (13 stone) before we go! I'm also worrying that I'll bloat like crazy on holiday, so I'm thinking of hitting SS hard until June then doing 810 till I go, so my body can find the balance before I go so I don't just bloat at the mere sight of a carb! And advice would be smashing folks, I'm so worried!xx
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You can do this easily Chrissy. July is just 4 months away and at a a stone a month it will defo get you to 13 stone. Try to be absolutely focused and just think of it as a short term way of life for long term benefits. I'm just doing the next 4 weeks on cambridge then 3 weeks off for hols and then I'm gonna hit the diet hard to get to pre-preggers weight. I may even change my goal after that. Right now I'm looking at it in short term stints. Take each week at a time. You have done super fab so far and proved to yourself that you can do it. Now prove it to the world! You are stronger than you think xx
That's so kind of you to say, Glad someone has some faith in me :p I'm just going to take it 1 day at a time, I did hide my scales in the shed, but then I just started going out there once a day to weigh in, I think my biggest issue is whenever I see a good number on my scales I think "Oh one kebab won't kill me" and I scoff... I'm thinking my Mum can adopt my scales for a bit so I physically can't weigh every single day lol!xx
I'm also a daily weigher but I'm determined to crack the habit this week. I have weighed this morning and no change so my next weigh in will be friday and I'm not going to take so much as a peek. XX
My Mum's in Skegness at the minute, but the second she's back I'll be dropping my scales off to her and she can keep them till I'm done, I can't keep daily weighing as this is (I'm almost certain) the reason for all my cheats lol!xx
I'm quite good with cheats as if I'm peckish and really struggling I'll have a few slices of ham or a sausage so I'm not super over doing the carbs. I wouldn't have guessed that you've cheated you've had excellent losses! Keep it up! xx
I've been off it all of Thursday and Friday, so today it's time to get my head in the game! I have some really nice size 14 hot shorts I'd love to be in them (comfortably) by my birthday which is the 8th of June, The worst bit about this diet is the amount I have been smoking, every time I feel hungry I have a pint of water and a cigarette, not a healthy alternative to food at all and I'm finding myself smoking 20+ per day now, But I figure if I deal with my weight 1st then the smoking, 2 demon's to tackle and hopefully I'll conquer them both by the end of this year :) xx
I too am smoking like a chimney and drinking more tea then I normally would. I'm doing step 2, so I get chicken so not super hungry but enough to have a fag instead of a snack lol xx
I keep telling my OH that he needs to hurry up and win the lottery so I can go and have loads of surgery lol! In an ideal world I'd love to have all over liposuction, a boob job and all my flabby skin removed... and a gastric bypass so I could never get back to this hell again... But as I'm not a millionaire I guess I'll have to put some actual effort into it :p xx
You sound just like me! I also want all of those things. I've got a funny figure as although I'm short and fat I have virtually non existent boobs which makes no sense to me. If I lose the weight I will defo need a boob job along with the tummy tuck and lipo. We are in Nigeria at the moment as hubby works for the british government here so we are saving pennies. Firstly to buy a better house but I think close second should be my surgery! lol!! xx
My OH has promised me a boob job once I get to my goal as they're totally wrecked from when I had my son, and he said he doesn't want to buy me them just yet as my body is going to be changing while I'm losing weight, so once I'm maintaining and have been for 6 month's I'm getting some fake ones :p xx
That's fab news! Well done to your hubby that's great incentive xx
I know, Just wish he'd stop eating chocolate and crisps in front of me :p xx
Oh god that's a nightmare isn't it. I've got hubby on the cambridge with me. He started last week and has lost a stone! The annoying thing is everyone has noticed and is complementing him and I'm rather jealous as I've got 10lb off and you can't tell at all xx
Men just naturally lose it faster, My fella just eat's 1 meal a day and walk's to/from work for 1 week and he's lost about 17lbs! Barely any effort involved! It's so frustrating! We'll get there hun, Slow and steay wins the race.... Right? :p xx
I reckon so hun! xx

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