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I've lost absolutely nothing this week!


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I get on my scales every day, and they're saying that i've lost absolutely nothing this week :sigh:

I've done green days all week - i wonder if this is something to do with it, as green days tend to bloat me a bit...

I also (shame on me :eek: ) haven't been on my wii fit for about a week! :eek:

I think what i'll do is have a red day today and tomorrow (weigh-in on thursday moring), and do a minimum of 30 mins each day on the wii fit... :hmm:

I'm thinking of 2x eggs on 2x WW toast (HEb) for lunch, and grilled chicken breast with broccoli and cauliflower for dinner. Actually i might make the broccoli and cauliflower into a cheese with 80g dairylea light (HEb) and 28g cheddar (HEa).

Any other suggestions? :eek:
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The first rule of Fat Club is....


But as to not losing, don't know what you're like on green, but a couple of red days won't do you any harm. Why not do them as success express days and whack up your superfree quota. That might give you a bit of a boost come WI day :)


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haha... first rule of fat club... :D do you remember the series fat club? it was brill! then they changed the name to fit club, then celeb fit club :hmm:

aaanyway.. back on topic lol...

i've got a success express leaflet in my folder... will go and have a read up of it - i've not bothered til now - oops! :eek: lol

thanks for your reply! :D xx


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I wouldnt worry either hon about the scales i had a bit of a scare and thought i had gained a lb but it turned out i lost 2.5 lb :D


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oooh well done!! :D fingers crossed i'm the same lol


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Beki hun like you i cant keep away from the scales so i know how you feel!!

I had a stayed the same last week and came away from the meeting feeling throughly peed off but my consultant said to me just because the scales werent in your favour it doesnt mean you body is not, You might just be having a shrinking week! Well she was right my clothes are much looser on me and i feel like my body shape has changed! Also alot of people have commented this week which has been nice!

So even if you do get to WI day and havent lost dont be disheartened because your body will be changing! Good luck for weigh in im sure you wont need it though!! x


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Don't panic Beki, I bet you will be surprised at your WI and you will have lost again.

I am being very good and keeping off my scales, I have put them in the spare bedroom and I only fetch them them out on Friday morning for WI.

When I started SW 4 weeks ago I did my first week and half as all green days and I got very bloated, since I have been mixing them up I have been OK.

Good luck for your WI on Thursday, but I am sure you will be OK.


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Step avay from ze scales :D(OK, that only really works if you've seen Young Frankenstein:p). I was also a daily weigher and trust me, that way misery lies. How long before you just give up because you've not lost any weight for five/ten/twelve days? Thing is, it's often on that 14th day that the weight loss shows. That's the weird thing about bodies - they work at their pace and not what we want them to.

I find if I do a lot of green then I tend not to lose weight (SW chips!!!!!) so I try to do one day red, one day green and work it out at a ratio of 4:3.


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Beki, I'm the same, but it's not my fault, my Wii Fit gets upset when I don't weigh in =) I wouldn't worry too much, my scales showed a loss this morning, but they're different from the SW ones and I've just had a delicious frappuchino, probably undoing all my good work so far. Keep going as you are. One more thing, drink plenty, it's getting warmer now and our bodies need it, plus if you go on your Wii Fit, have an extra 500ml for each 30 mins you do, at least, but don't quaff it, sip it gently while you're exercising.
The first rule of Fat Club is....

Oh that made me chuckle! It's definately the first rule and i am the biggest breaker of that rule i'm sure 5-6 times a day!! Beki i'm sure it'll be fine, a STS is not a gain remember and the likelyhood is it's fluid because of the heat. I drnak loads at the start of my week and looked like i was gonna lose 3 lbs, that's levelled out and it will be a a lb or so i expect!


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yay! another one who's wii fit tells them off if they don't weigh every day! seeeeee... i have proof now that i NEEED to weigh every day :D :p LOL

thanks for all your advice everyone :) I've decided i'm going to do 20 mins of steps (freestyle ;) ) on the wii fit every day from now on while watching the biggest loser (i sky+ and watch every day the english one, the american one and the australian one :eek: lol)


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