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Ive lost it!

First of all, that's only 2 days out of the rest of your week, you had 5 other days where you prob stayed well within your points, so think of it more as you just used your 49, and then some, and move on from it. Don't let it ruin your day, nevermind your week. Chin up and soldier on, girl! :>)
Hi, don't despair!!

Sometimes we need a gain to knock a wee bit of sense into us and give us the kick start back into it. Have you made your menu for the week, or the next few days at least? If you do that, then it can slowly get you back into it rather than throwing yourself head first mentally.

Have you thought about maybe changing WI days if that's a possibility? I weigh on a Friday which means i can use my weeklies at the weekend and have the week to balance things out. Mondays i always thought seem harsh!!

Also remember why you're doing this in the first place, you will get there :) xx
Thanx girls!!! I've just been thru ww books/mags 2 plan for this week. Gonna make a zero point soup 2. I've thought about changing wi day to Friday a few times but can't decide wot to do. At mo, I know at weekend how many points I can spend and know it's stupid but don't trust myself to not use extra points in week if I were to spend them all at weekend. How do u find it?? My hubby tells me every week I'm mad for getting weighed on a Monday straight after the weekend! Mayb I shud try it for a few weeks wot do u think?? Xx
Not often i will say this about any man but your husband is right!! I would never consider being weighed on a Monday or Tuesday. I'm not a drinker so its not because of the alcohol but there is something about a weekend that makes you want to ease up on things and if you do then you do have several days to make it up. I have quite often gone over my points at the weekend but I have had Monday - Thursday to make it up by eating well and walking lots!

I have definitely found having a menu handy and I also have loads of the WW chocolate snacks in the cupboard in case i want a chocolate fix during the week. The soup idea is good. Its something I never do. I love soup but i always make it too thick so it gets thrown away!! I probably should look up some soup recipes!

Start this week, go to a Friday class and i'm sure you will have done enough to come back from the weekend! x
Thanx nemesis. I'm with u - hate yo admit it but think hubby mite b rite. I'm gonna giv it a whirl and change my wi day to Friday. Making tomato & bns soul later so will let u know how it is. Thanx again for all ur encouragement it really means a lot to me xxxx
Right Gail. After this weeks weigh in, I'm giving you the virtual bear. Any gain will result in lost limbs. So you better get back on track or the bear gets it. Lol.
I have read about a few people making that soup so definitely let me know how it is!

Your welcome for the support. We are all going to have periods like this, its human nature! That's the great thing about this site! I don't really talk to my friends or family about my diet/weight loss journey as none of them are on a diet and I also worry that when I have a bad week or so they will think I have failed so I rely on this site for support and it meets me needs! I would be lost without it!

Just unload at any time :) Nat x
Me 2, like u I find it hard to talk to my friends about it. Think they will think I'm always goin on about it and not doing much about it!! Dont think thin people really get how hard it is. Made the zero point tomato & bns soup. Quite nice and a change for me as I'm a bns virgin. Ps. How hard is it to chop bns? Needed a chain saw!! Changed my wi day to Friday so i don't stress after every weekend. Will see if that helps me to stay on track. Hold on to my bear - no way is he having his lil arms or legs cut off ha ha!! Xx
I cheat and buy the pre packed BNS!! Very lazy :)

I think your going to notice a big change with a Friday WI! Best thing i have done :) x
Will defo b buyin pre packed next time!! I hope I notice a difference getting weighed on a Friday. Getting really disheartened, only lost 4.5lb in 4 weeks. Been really naughty all over weekend, yesterday and today. Will prob hav put all that back on by Friday!!!! X
Consider myself told!!! Back on track tomorrow I promise xxxxx
Despite all my encouragement, i felt like a total fraud yesterday! Since i was weighed on Friday, i had so much motivation. Saturday, Monday and Tuesday i did so much walking, roughly 6 miles a day on top of normal day to day walking. I barely touched my weeklies and ate my dailies. Last night (after walking 6 miles and being busy at work) i had a Chinese on the way home when i finished at 9pm. That's above having 2 lots of sandwiches and a cookie. The Chinese was huge and i ate most of it. I haven't even begun pointing the day. After doing so much since Friday, I'm so disappointed in myself. I really wanted to lose 3lbs this week (maybe ambitious i know :) ) and now i know it wont happen! Why did i do it?!?! Its almost like im on self destruct :(
Don't give up, you're doin so well. You don't know what damage you've done so far, if any. You need to carry on today & tomorrow as normal & just stick to your dailies. Not long now till fri & im sure you will see a loss xxxx
No!! Can't even see the track never mind get back on it!! Bad bad week for me in more ways than one. Gonna get weighed on Friday and start again!

Nemesis - try not to stress hun and don't let one slip up put u on a downward spiral. Uve been doing do well and ur extra exercise might cancel out ur Chinese. Let's get back on it together. Big cuddles xxx

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