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ive lost my mojo!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Small_Jaxy, 2 April 2011 Social URL.

  1. Small_Jaxy

    Small_Jaxy Full Member

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    Weight watchers

    I have been on SW for about 6 weeks now, and have lost 1st BUT the past 2 weeks ive kinda lost and i dont know how to get back on and im feeling kind of lost!

    I have quite a way to go so am hoping i can sort it out!

    Did anyone else get this? x
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  3. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

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    calorie counting and low carbs
    Hi Sj, I see that in you're history of threads you have had quite a lot of starting and stopping, I wonder why?
    Are you really committed to wanting to lose wait or just toying with the idea?What is it that you expect from yourself?

    The fact is that we all have what I call blips but what we do about them is soo important. If we immediately berate ourselves and say we have failed again and we are hopeless, and all that other stuff that usually follows, is it any wonder that we feel so deflated that we then tend to give up?
    The better idea is to change that mindset - be more positive - own the blip that occurred .. after all that choccie bic was delish and/or that cream cake was yummy and now you can get back to the regime you have chosen and have a better day knowing that you had a treat but you really, really want to lose that weight!!
    Do hope you succeed this time.. we are all here for you...take care...:)
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  4. Pommette

    Pommette Trying - very!

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    SW (on my own with help from friends on Minis)
    Hi SJ, I've just said this on another post but I'll repeat it here too.

    Losing weight is hard. VERY HARD. We all got fat somehow which is why you find us here on minimins. BUT . . . you have to be committed to losing weight not only with your head but your heart too.

    If you only THINK you need to lose weight then you will always struggle. But if you get behind the idea BODY & SOUL then it will happen. Tough transition to make and I agree with Emmaline, it's all about mindset.

    BUT .... Are you expecting too much? If you've lost a stone in 6 weeks that's pretty good. It took me 10 weeks to lose the same amount - I'm just aiming for a pound a week and know it's going to take me all year probably to get where I want to be.

    I started out with 5+ st to lose, lost 2+ of it and stopped - 'cos I was bored with denying myself what I thought of as "nice food". All the food that got me fat! I managed to maintain though and I'm now back to lose the remaining 3 st. This time not just because I THINK I need to, but because I WANT TO. Don't ask me how I changed my mindset because I don't really know, it just suddenly clicked.

    Go and sit down somewhere, in somewhere you like - the garden, a park, the beach, whatever - and make a list of all the reasons that you want to lose weight. This may sound hard but if you find that the reasons are all for other people then you may have a problem. You need to be doing it for YOURSELF.

    Chin up hon - it is doable. Just look at all the inspiring stories on here of people who have lost massive amounts using SW.
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