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I've made a big boo boo


Fighting for My Health
I bought some products from the Kee Diet which are very low cal, low carb, etc. and (I thought) advertised as suitable for the sort of diet we're doing - bought the choc truffle bars, porridge and cottage pie. All of them were delish! Anyhow been using them for a few days, and not feeling guilty about cheating because as far as I'm concerned all these VLCD products are interchangeable.

However, they've kicked me out of bloody ketosis! My scales have gone up yesterday and today, despite being on less than 500 cals a day, and I'm obviously carb loading! :eek: arghhh. (yesterday I thought it was PMT water retention - some of it could still be of course). The weight gain will be temporary I know, as it's only glycogen and water, but I think the next few days are going to be hell getting them out of my system and back into ketosis.

Not even sure now about weighing in on Monday at pharmacy as obviously I have extra Lipotrim packs here that I didn't use whilst using these Kee Diet products. I may wait until the scales have dropped again and I'm back into ketosis and got the extra glycogen and water out of my system.

You can't cheat the system! So cross with myself. I'm out of ketosis and I didn't even have a good meal first! :break_diet:

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It wont take long to drop back into the big K Jayne, keep at it ;)
That sounds like somethin i'd try Jayne. I suppose after a while we feel like we know enough to work the system but as you said it can't be cheated... Thanks for this post, its kinda made me realise its not worth lookin round for short cuts (which I have been doin alot lately!!!) - Good luck with getting back into ketosis!!! :) x x

I find it gets harder the longer your on this diet
the amount of times I've bought some chicken breasts thinking no one would know
I end up putting them in the freezer and saying that I would only bf cheating myself, and I can eat them during refeed lol
I have to focus on the losses, I have been 100% since day one, and yes I think about eating every day, and probably more than once a day

you can get back into it, have faith, drink your water, and keep smiling

good luck xx


Fighting for My Health
Thanks girls :)

I'm 100% Lipotrim products from here on in. I've not touched 'real' food, but did think interchanging the products would've been ok. Clearly not!

Anyhow, I think they must've only just lifted me out of ketosis as this morning my stick was purple again :) I've been to the gym and had a good workout this morning and will go and face the scales at the pharmacy tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Good luck for tomorrow hun.. Make sure you let us know how you get on x x x


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Good luck for tomorrow x

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