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  1. RED

    RED Full Member

    I been following the diet to the t for the last 2 and ahalf weeks but allof a sudden I seem to have gained 4lbs...I havent done anything I shoulnt have...only thin I have added is the Savoury drink...would that cause water retention???:wave_cry:
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  3. Mrs Pink

    Mrs Pink Banned

    don't panic! it must be something like that - or maybe its coming near your TOTM? Maybe not drinking enough water? I'm sure it'll sort itself out soon .... hang on in there!
  4. Helen

    Helen Full Member

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    Dont panic, if you are sticking to the diet you cannot gain 4lb unless it is water. either TOM or not drinking enough as Mrs Pink says, or maybe you are now drinking enough but your body is hanging onto it until it gets used to it . . . happened to me a couple of weeks ago as I had dropped well below the 4 litres a day and my counsellor said that was why I had a bad loss that week, as my body was holding onto the extra water I had started drinking, the following week I lost 5.

    As you go along the LL path you may find this becomes a montly pattern but stick to it and don't get so disheartened that you turn to food. It WILL sort itself out, don't worry.

    Lots of hugs going your way in the meantime, it is demoralising and disheartening but is only temporary:)
  5. scareypeanuts

    scareypeanuts Just one day at a time

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    Our bodies are wonderful things and this may be just a blip. My LLC says that you should look at the overall monthly figures and not concentrate on the weekly.

    Keep up the good work, we are all behind you.

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  6. Yorkiegirl

    Yorkiegirl is happy being Yorkiegirl

    another member of my foundation group put on 3lb one week. No change, no cheating. Next week she lost 7lb. LLC put it down to TOTM and changes in water retention.
    How much are you drinking? Perhaps increase this week and I bet you'll have a great loss next weigh in.
  7. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    Totally agree with scarypeanuts (love the name..lol), don't worry too much hun, just remember we have seen your before & after pic's & you look amazing.....xxx
  8. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Red I've done the same this week, it seems to have come down a little now but not by much according to my scales - it's my weigh in tonight so I'll find out for sure how I've done. It'll soon pass, it can't be anything too bad as we've both stuck to the diet.

  9. skinnyminny

    skinnyminny Full Member

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    Oooh so glad to read this thread - I weigh in tonight, but as I mentioned on a previous thread I have weighed myself at home as I do every day and I have put on 1 1/2 lbs????? I have done alot more excersise this week though, toning and running (lol - well walking & runing) as I am training for race for life - I probably am not drinking enough water - hope that is it.

    I only have a small amount to loose now before I am at goal - this is so frustrating - but at least it is not fat that I have put on - well it can't be can it?

    I don't know what to do - do I stop excersising? I am not doing that much really - just trying to get toned & honed for my hols. hmmmpphh!
  10. RED

    RED Full Member

    I must admit I did slack on the old water a bit last week...
    So thats why!!
    Well I got back up to 4ltrs yesterday...and today I still got
    1 1/2 to go...better get to gluggin lol
    Thanks ALL!!:)
  11. IslandBreeze

    IslandBreeze Castaway

    There's quite a lot of salt in the savoury drinks - that, plus you not drinking quite so much water could have pushed your body to retain water temporarily. i expect on LL we have less salt than we used to, so adding in the savoury drinks probably just confused your body a little. But I'm sure the water retention will disappear soon - especially if you increase your water intake.
  12. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

    It's defintely water, water retention and any hormonal variation in the mix if you've followed the diet. Last night I had my first week of no weight loss but the LLC said it was all down to water retention (and TOTM); apparently, the change in weather is making us all retain more water (she had seen several no changes this week). So, Red, you will be fine. Get drinking and the weight will drop off.

    Big hug.

    Mrs L xxxxxxxx
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