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I've reached Day 80


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Which is quite some going. It does mean that I have done about A year and two weeks of totally abstinent days since January 2007 which is a bit weird to think about! But that's another part of this journey, I guess - ha - get me, 'being on a journey' what do I think this is? X Factor or Masterchef of something like that? - anyway - yeah - this time round I have to acknowledge that I have spent a quarter of the last 4 years not eating, another quarter getting the balance right and the other half just eating my way back to where I almost was in the first place.

When I started this time round I was worried about my long term health - also I had aged so much and I had real jowls for the first time ever. I am also worried about what all this binge/purge mentality will do for me over the next 60 years of my life. We're all living longer, and I'd like my old lady years to be as healthy as they can be!

That's the sort of goal I need, not the pretty dresses (although believe me they help and that size 8 Vivienne Westwood dress I bought in 2007 is still calling me - must go and pick it up soon) even now - today - it's a bit grey and I suppose I should be having a go at my Davina (apparently my copy of 30 day Shred is arriving 2 weeks earlier than expected) but I'm just sitting here with my green tea, learning my lines and practising my audiobook reading and looking at the window going 'it looks rubbish out there, and I have tidying to do first before Davina' even when I tried to persuade myself to go for a swim and a sauna I still went 'meh - it's grey and it will make me tired and I won't get anything done'.

But I've already learned a scene and done a bit of the tidying up...so...why is my lazy bones head giving me such a hard time? Daft, innit...

In theory my week 13 810 week starts on Thursday, but I think I will start from Weigh-In day - ie - my first meal after weigh-in - I have worked out how to make a tiny fish pie from the ingredients but I'm not gonna - I'm probably going to have plain and simple but a bit special asparagus dippy egg (it's in Nigella Bites, I think). Boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers...perfect for this time of year!

So it comes to about 50lbs in 80 days and I think I'm an inch or so away all over from being a proper 16.
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Well done for getting this far!!

I love reading your posts!! X


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Cheers Laura - have just noticed we are a few days apart - I started on the Thurs after you!

Anyway - in an update to my grumpy piece above, I changed my bedding, had a bit of a tidy, learned even more lines, charged up my Wii Fit, got on it - hahaha - all good, it had been 418 days since I had been on it (roughly when I last stopped CD!) but Mr Bossy Boots Wii Fit was chuffed to bits with me for losing 1st since I last went on it (which actually hit some goal or other - hahaha!) I did 30 mins on that - to be honest the Wii Fit isn't hardcore enough for me so I'd given it up for dancing and fitness DVDs...but it was nice to have some words of encouragement from a piece of Japanese plastic!

And then somehow I managed to haul my sorry arse to the gym and back (a 3 mile walk) and despite thinking I might only do 20 minutes, I did a full mile. Then I had a lovely steam and sauna and I had my scrubby brush with me so I properly hosed and scrubbed myself down and conditioned my hair with my favourite stuff from Lush - so there you go - even if I do fall asleep now it will be in clean bedding with all my cups washed and lots of exercise done.

One of the reasons I choose this over any other diet is the amount of time it gives you back at weekends. My house and life had got into complete disarray until I started this again...the lack of booze and food shopping and cooking and meals out mean I have hours back. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to having them taken away again! I love this phase of the diet!
We've lost the same amount of weight too! Xx

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