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I've so much to lose dont know where to start!!!!

hi all, I'm so determined to lose the weight and cant believe the scales said 21 stone this morning, dont know where to start but just figure this is a good place! have been struggling with weight the last ten years but in the last year have put on 4 stone - due to being off work and binging at night, going to see ub40 tonight and all im worried about is that i cant stand for too long and instead of looking forward to it im dreading it, was never like this was always cheery with a smile on my face, now with the prospect of xmas fast approaching and the thought of facing the new year with possibly another stone on i just said NO! enoughs enough, time to wake up and smell the coffee, any help, or encouragement would be very welcome, just want to be back to my old self again, and have the confidence to enjoy life
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You've come to the right place! There is all the encouragement and support you could possibly need right here.
You sound like your head is in the right place and thta you are really ready to tackle the problem, half the battle I reckon.

So how are you going to do it? WW, SW, cal counting or something different? Let us know and we will cheer you on every step of the way.

Best of luck to you!
Hi there!

Hi, its hard to make that first move but well done for making it.
Thats what i did last week i decided it was time to change my life for lots of different reasons, obviously my health is a major concern but priority is that me and my husband really want a baby and weighing 20st the docs have said it is going to be near impossible for me to catch so you have got to make a change in life for the things that you want.
I have started the Cambridge sole source program and found it difficult to start with it has got so so much easier since Thursday last week and after week 1 i lost 10 and a half pound so that is definitely an incentive to continue.
If you want to chat or if i can help with anything just ask and ill do my best.


likes posting.
Ive struggled with my weight all my life then when i had my son 6 years ago i got too my biggist ever 16 st im 4ft 11.Ive tryed all the diets going, then someone told me about lighterlife, so i thought id give it a go, that was in may ive now lost 5 1/2 st i feel wonderful.It was so easy.Now im following weight watchers to maintain my weight.I think its just finding the right diet for you.I wish you luck.
Hi Leila

It can be a dreadful shock when we wake up to just how much weight has 'slipped on' whilst we weren't looking can't it? I know I've been there several times!

You've made a great start - first recognising it, second being determined to tackle it and third by registering with this site.

We can't advise which diet to try, but read the posts to get our views, successes and struggles, ask questions of anyone and everyone, but most importantly, keep logging on to the site - it is the best inspiration and support a dieter could get!

Try to break your goal into smaller targets - it can be daunting when looking at the overall picture.

Hope you have a great time at your gig - I used to go and see UB40 a lot years ago and they were great.

Good luck in deciding what to do and hopefully we'll see you back soon.


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Hi there Leilak

I am jealous of you, you lucky thing "one in ten" is my favourite UB40 song its amazing, there stuff is timeless

Right the weight thing ~ I (and many many others on this site) can really really relate to your post. It seems like too big a task so you just keep eating and getting bigger, its too big a job. Well done for posting on this site and admiting your weight (thats a biggy) and realising that you need to act now.

I am 5 4" and at my biggest weighed 23stone 10lb, the thought of dieting terrified me, the task was just too big. This year I wanted to make positive changes to my life (I was 50 this year so I think hormones had something to do with it tee hee) and I surfed the net and found the cambridge diet. I am "having a break from dieting " at the moment (dont ask ~ I have so many excuses I wouldnt be able to type them all), my advise to you is

Find a diet you fancy, one that is practical and will suit your lifestyle
Set yourself smaller goals ie aim to loose 10% of your body weight to begin with
Dont weigh yourself ~get someone else to do it and keep a record
Fill in a daily diet diary, not only what you eat ~ how you feel as well (that will help you work out why you eat or cheat)
Keep posting on this site and looking at all the before and after photos ~ very inspiring
Be kind to yourself and pat yourself on the back every day for your achievements

Always rememer ~ its just a number ~ and you have the power to make it go up or down

Good luck on your journey ~ it wont always be easy or nice but read other peoples stories ~ it can be done

Love Love



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