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I've Started!

Morning everyone!

Well... I went to see my CDC for the first time last night - and I began my journey this morning. Have already had a pint of water and a tetra for breakfast - not bad at all!!!

Panicking a bit about the first few days (dont want to feel dreadful) but VERY excited. Have just over 5 stone to loose - weighed in at 15.2 last night.

Will look in to adding a ticker etc to my signature asap as I think this helps to see where you are at and where you are going.

Looking forward to becoming a regular poster!

Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement yesterday.

Achelois xxx

"I AM going to do it this time!"
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Hi Achelois, I started Cd 7 1/2 weeks ago a 15.2 as well. I'm know down to 12.11 and can't tell you how good it feels!! This diet is just the best and I never thought that I'd be able to do it(no willpower LOL!) But because the weight comes off so quickly it just spurs you on. Keep drinking the water(it really dos help. The first week is the hardest but once you've got over that you'll fly. You can do it, and your right add your ticker and it really helps to see how much you've lost. Good luck,stick to it and youl'll be fine. In my moments of weakness I would read posts and sit on here for hours(how sad am I!)0but it really helped,

Nikki x

Nice to meet you! Well done on your terrific loss so far - if I can achieve that in 7.5 weeks Ill be thrilled! Have your dress sizes changed yet?

Achelois x
OH YES they certainly have, Last week I finally ditched all the 20/22 and now fit into 16's,which was just the best felling ever,went into normal shops!! and never realsied that evans started at a size 16, so wont be able to go in their much longer!!
Hi and welcome to the board.

This really is a fantastic diet. Stick to the plan and drink loads of water and there will be a lot less of you in the next few weeks.

Good luck on your weight loss journey :)


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good luck on yor journey im on day 4 restarting cd and feeling fab maybe we can push each other along the way kerry xxxx
That would be great! I look forward to "checking up on you" as I hope you will me!

Im starting to feel hungry now.... normally be having a biscuit and some tea but obviously not having that - just boring water!!!

Achelois x
Hi Achelois

I started the CD on Sunday and I am now on day 6. I have had a great first week and have found this diet amazing.

I have done Slimming World, weight watchers and many more and the bit that got me with them was the fact that I was constantly thinking about food! What day I was on what I would have to cook what I would have to cook tomorrow.

With this diet you dont have to think about anything :) . Except when I want to pry the cheese and toast out of my 2 year olds little hands :rolleyes: .

I have found drinking the water has become easier as the week goes on and managed to get through 6L yesterday.

Good luck with your journey and I will continue to follow your progress.

Thanks so much for your message. Glad to know I am not the only newbie. I cant stop thinking about food but I guess that is a habit that I will have to break. I just keep thinking what a feeling it would be to slip into lovely size 12!

Must be harder with kids around.... mmmm cheese on toast! Woops - there I go again - I cant wait until day 4 is over and I dont feel hungry anymore

Oh - and something else we have in common....

Achelois aka "Sarah" x
Its nice to know someone who has started at roughly the same time.

Like you said the thought of slipping into a size 12 is whats keeping me going. Going into a shop and thinking I will have one of those one of those and some of those, rather than excuse me do you have this in a larger size :sigh: .

I know what you mean about food. I found myself wanting food that I never used to be to fussed about but it has got easier.

I have my first weigh in on Monday and cant wait.


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hi sarah!

very best of luck with ur first week. it is usually really tough in the first 7 or so days but if u really keep in mind that the hunger and cravings are very temporary and make it past all that then u will start really flying!!

Im in week 2 of my restart (advice- dont have any breaks from the diet as its hell and almost impossible to get back into!!) and I am feeling so so different. I cook for 3 kids and hubby and LOVE food. theres chocs in the cupboards, food everywhere. plenty of opportunity to eat and i just dont feel the need to now. cooking gorgeous food just doesnt mean a thing! stick this week out and im sure u will feel the same. especially when u see ur first weeks loss. that'll spur u on :D

if u need any help at all or just to vent....get on here and let it all out. lots of fab people here to catch u when u want to fall or just be supported. xxxxx
I've just started too!


I also saw my CDC last night and started this am. I have about 10stone to lose:cry:

Hey ho, at least I've climbed aboard the good ship Cambridge Diet!

I did Lighterlife last year and lost about 4.5 stones - put back 2. The packs on LL were vile - still can't think about the soups without retching... Just had the chocolate velvet tetra - mmm mmmm mmmmmm - and halfway through pint 2.

Anyway, onwards and downwards!

Here's to a huge weight loss after week 1:bliss:

Hi Thora

Welcome and good luck on your weight loss. I started Cd on Sunday, its nice to know others who have started at a similar time.
Definitely - I've not used this site before but I know it's great for those weaker moments!

It'll be great to see how everyone does

Just need to figure out how to get my tracker on now!:confused:

Any tips?
If you go into user CP on the blue tool bar at the top of page then go into edit signature you can paste you tracker info in there.

Hope that helps.

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