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I've stopped smoking

Yes, read Alan Carr'e EasyWay for women to quit smoking.
I quit and started to read the book after qyuitting and it took every craving away. I thought like a non-smoker, and I still do 14 months on.
Well done on choosing to kick it, and good luck! x


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First of all - well done & good luck!! I plan to quit soon (I keep saying) but anyway what about chupa chup lollies? They are 1.5 syns each & might help keep your hands busy.
Congrats on deciding to stop. Would carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, SW chips help keep your hands busy? Keep posting on here, chatting to everyone to get your mind off it.


Strong women stay slim
I stopped smoking 4 years ago now , I never told anyone I was stopping as this may of put alot of pressure on me ... so i just did it daily , never told nayone until say 4 months had pasted I could not even tell myself that I had stopped ... I found there were days it felt worse than others and just handled that day as it came , and yes I did put on weight .
the smell of fags now I hate , I can hardly breath when my mum smokes .....
How long have you given up ?
Nothing to add but I thought I would say Good Luck xx


Desperate to be slim!
When my stepdad gave up he went through bags and bags of chuppa chups type lollies (Lidl do cheap ones which he swore by)

My Mum works for the NHS as a Smoking Cessation Advisor (helps people give up) and apparently the nicotine in cigarettes speeds up your metabolism, so it will be harder to lose when you give up, as your metabolism slows down. (Just for information)

Are you doing it alone? I bet that's really hard! I really admire you. Maybe if you are struggling it's worth ringing the NHS... they have lots of information, strategies etc.

Good luck with it!!! :eek:)


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i tried it last month and put on two pounds i was so depressed i started smoking again i hope it works out better for you XXXX am keeping my fingers crossed.


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i gave up 3 years ago and i turned to fish and chips and chocolate then all of a sudden i didnt like the taste of either anymore, but needed to put something in my mouth so i had pickled onions and they helped me.


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So sorry for late reply

I am on day 11 and in a vile mood today:( Im on the patches but down to middle level as of today and I am annoying everyone.
Just been to co op and nearly bought a pack but bought a pack of cadburys shots instead:break_diet: (lesser of the 2 evils?) I am having a very bad day today, have put on loads of weight but I am joining the gym today so I am hoping this will help my stress levels and will not let this beat me!

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