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I've turned a corner


a new way of living!
Dear all,

Just wanted to say mucho thanko's to all of you the past ten days or so, and helping me adjust to the start of this diet.

I feel i have really turned a corner now, for the first week I was searching for ways to cheat and get away with it, or to magially wake up slim and able to scoff all day again...

as you all know, it's never going to happen!

I have found a motivation today, that i feel will get me all the way there. ok so that motivation maybe as simple as NEVER AGAIN! but motivation it is. :)

the more i have read on here, replies to my posts and others', the more i realise that this is a) a sound diet, b)acheivable for me c) (most important) life long solution.

weather i stay on LT or move to competing systems for variety, i know one thing for sure... its a one way trip!

so thank you everyone for helping me for the first leg. many more losses ahead!


ps - so fed up with seeing my ugly mug on my signature i have to stick at it to change that!! :eek:
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great thread and good on you what a great attitude x


On a mission
i think that's the way to get through it
keep up the good work!
Well done hun, great determination and attitude.



a new way of living!
thanks girlies :O)

i still feel shattered all the time, but there is no way i'm going through all this just to stop and start.

have some social events coming, my brother is visiting tomorrow, not seen him in months, he is 6'3" and eats like a horse, have warned him i am on liquids and, well you know men (espec brothers) didn't bother him at all. also seeing a friend next week, meeting in solihull, she wanted a curry, told her liquids and we are meeting in the afternoon for shopping instead. then.... meeting my friend who is on and off LT, and told her, i'm sticking to it.

to be honest, no one seems that bothered really, maybe the dvd is right, its me that was looking for excuses to eat ;)

Message to fat cells... 'resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!'

sorry - star trek/borg fan (showing my age!)

Helen x


Getting married July 2011
I think that is a really really valid point Msblonde, no one does care that we're on shakes, people aren't friends with you to have a meal companion...drinking buddies might be different, but true friends will accomodate your choices.

Helen, you really have turned a corner. That is fantastic!

I don't go out every week but have worked round LT. When a friend was visiting and wanted to meet another friend and I for a meal, I just joined them after the meal and had a sparkly water. At a bbq I didn't eat and no one noticed as it was so busy (though the host did jokingly accuse me of eating the last piece of his fav cheesecake!!!! I just smiled!)

I have a few bbq's and night outs coming up but plan to stick to water and socialise so no one notices I am not eating. As every pound goes I am more determined to get to my target - however long it takes me.

We will get there - I'm sure of it!

good for you pet xxxxxxxxxx


a new way of living!

thanks guys :) feel the love love :)

Helen xx


Love God; Love People
thanks girlies :O)

have some social events coming....
to be honest, no one seems that bothered really, maybe the dvd is right, its me that was looking for excuses to eat ;)

True that! friends/ family just want to enjoy beng with you. It's not so much the eating as the company. So you are right to have the social events while sticking to you shakes. I've done this many times and still had great fun :)!

Message to fat cells... 'resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!'

Real classic statement there. I'll be reminding my fat cells just that :D !
Well done, it will get easier. Take care.
Well done! It's all about you I don't worry about what people think I know that my body is changing for the better!

I am now very happy to go out to the pub with my bf every Wednesday, he sits and eats a huge meal whilst I sit with a glass of water - the landlord finds it hilarious and doesn't even charge me for my copious amounts of spring water - he's just astounded by the self discipline!


a new way of living!
hahah that soooo cool, you get a free night out and lose weight!


ps stood on scales today - think i have lost another few pounds since WI on monday :D
Yay for losing more lbs! :)

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