Total Solution Iwilldoitwithexante's New year new Me Diary! :D


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:D Hi All :D

I have decided to my own diary to help keep me going eventhough i am determined to get back to my pre baby weight of 8 stone 5lbs but goal weight is 8st 7lbs.

I started Exante Ts on friday 18th febuary 2011 at 14 Stone Exactly & being 5ft2 it shows in every way & is not good for my health :cool:

So onwards and upwards we go! :D

I am hoping by june - july i will have hit my target or 9 stone atleast. Id be so happy :D

Exante is the way forward for me as i binge a lot & need to control my food intake. Looking forward to updating !!! :)

Day one
I have waited in all day for the exante delivery and come [email protected] its arrived :D
There are lot's in the two boxes & i have a choc and orange bar straight away which was lush :p I hadnt eaten all day to make that day one.
I later had a thai soup which i thought was nice but couldnt eat it all towards the end.

Day Two
I got up this morning made myself a black tea with 2 sweetners and also had my first strawberry shake, to which i put in the blender was very salty! lol so watered it down a bit more and was lovely then :D
For dinner i had a bar which i enjoyed :D and tea i will have a choc shake. I am drinking as much water as i can through the day and am not wanting to snack ...
Day Three
Today I was fine until 7 pm ish i did cheat a little and i ate a bag of hula hoops... :? But!!!! I wont let that distract me as ill carry on with exante as normal tomorrow more determined not to lapse after feling poo.
Day Four
Today has been a breeze :D thank god. I have had tummy rumbles but that's to be expected ... Onwards and upwards :p
I am struggling to even have half my soup :/ can't seem to stand them but im yet to try mushroom ..will try that tomorrow (O: and will but chilli/peppers and this tobasco sauce people are talking about.
Day Five
Yest was ok, I was craving food a bit! But didn't give in... had my bar for breakfast...shake for lunch and a shake for tea ( staying clear of the soups for now as i cant stomach them)
Bed time and im thinking of fooooooooooooos! ;? Fell asleep though and had a dream i eat a big curry which i ejoyed but felt so guilty for!...glad it was just a dream! :D
Day Six
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Well done! I'm steadily willing my life away as I can't wait till Monday's weigh in.


Well done. I'm restarting tomorrow. I'm determined to do this. I really want to do this diet. I tried last week and caved in. But this time I will stick it out as I know it gets easier after the first week and in ketosis. I have 9 stone to lose :eek: this is the biggest I have ever been but I found the first few days hard. It's just willpower. I so want to do this but it's easier said than done sometimes. Good luck. You are both doing well.


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S: 13st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank's guys :D
You are all going to be such a big help (O: It is willpower and lot's of it...If you really want something you will do it :D Summer is coming up very soon & what better time to do it ? xx