Jacci's Saturday Weigh Ins!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Weekly Weigh-In' started by jacci, 20 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. jacci

    jacci Full Member

    Hi all,started CD on Monday but my weigh ins are Saturdays,lost 6lbs in 5 days yay!!! Ive now got under 100 lbs to lose-as my son would say Im well pleased!!

    Good luck all....

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  3. findyfums

    findyfums Member

    Thats Fab!!! :D, How you finding it?
  4. findyfums

    findyfums Member

    lmfao sorry that sounds so Sarcastic, I meant the diet, not the pounds :p
  5. jacci

    jacci Full Member

    I know what you meant!!!! Not too bad, i think I really know Ive got to do it this time if you know what I mean.

    How well have you done!!!!

    Take care,

  6. findyfums

    findyfums Member

    ah i started loosing a year ago but some of it crept back on, so i joined up here to get back on track:)


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