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Jacket Potato



Loves the Nom Nom!!!
A large one at 375g is 4 points so i would guess at 4.5 to be on the safe side?
oh great thanks shabba - i think ill chop it in half :) xxx
as said above 1 point per 100g raw :) so 4points hun! :) if it's 350gs then 3.5 bu anything over 350gs like shabba's 375g would be rounded up to 400g to make 4points say if you have a potato and it's 310gs then 3 points, but when it gets to about 325 then class it as 3.5points etc it's just to do with rounding up or down with these things :)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
225g is a medium jacket in the starter pack WW give and its 2.5pts it all depends on what you want to go with i guess. If im not having it as a jacket potato i go with 1pt per 100g but i try to stick with the other ways when its a jacket spud!
yeah like i said if it's 325 then round up so would be 3.5, but if it's 310 then i'd point it as 3 etc

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