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  1. chug

    chug Silver Member

    Hi all

    Can you please tell me how many points are for a jacket potato per weight?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. LittleMissThin 17

    LittleMissThin 17 wants to be skinny ♥

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    I believe 1pp per 50g raw weight :)
  4. chug

    chug Silver Member

    Thanks for that LittleMissThin17
  5. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    yep that sounds right cause i normally have a jacket potato that's between 220g and 250g raw weight and its 5pp. :)
  6. chug

    chug Silver Member

    Thanks for confirming that I can now look forward to a jacket potato the weekend and not worry about the points lol
  7. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    kool :) .... yep they are really good and filling :) ... i usually have a jacket potato when i eat out rather then chips ... although they can be quite big and i usually make them around 6 - 8 pp ! :)
  8. chug

    chug Silver Member

    That's a good idea thanks for the tip. I will now plan my jacket potato meals for the week lol.
  9. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    sounds good :) i had a 200g (4pp) jacket potato for my tea tonight with a tin of meatballs in gravy (7pp) (which we're ok) and 80g peas (2pp) :)
  10. chug

    chug Silver Member

    Hmmmm that sounds really nice and low on points really I hope you don't mind If i copy that idea it sounds yummy.
  11. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    yep it was nice .... first time i've had meatballs so wasn't sure if i'd like them but they are edible enough for something quick and easy that i can just ping in the microwave, lol.

    hehe nope, copy away :D
  12. chug

    chug Silver Member

    Ok thanks for that do you have any other good meal ideas with jacket potatos?

    I plan one day to have prawns and seafood sauce, another day tuna and Mayo, another day cod and crab sticks and Mayo, another with bakebeans and scrambled egg.

    See my ideas are so boring lol
  13. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    i like to have mine with a tin of WW tuna in thousand island dressing (2pp) and salad with a drizzle of tesco light choices balsamic dressing (0pp).... could also use the ww tuna/mayo/sweetcorn or ww tuna coronation ... although i personally don't like the ww tuna coronation!

    also i have:
    birds eye chargrilled chicken (4pp) or southern fried chicken (6pp) (or just plain chicken breast) and peas (2pp) or salad and then pp some light salad cream or ketchup.

    you could also have it with mince or chilli. :) .... i have brought a tin of tesco value minced beef ... don't know what its like and i can't remember how many pp it was but thought it would be great to keep in the cupboard if needed for a quick meal :)
  14. chug

    chug Silver Member

    Hmmm they sound really nice I shouldn't have looked at this before going to work I'm hungry now lol.

    I've just checked the weight of my jacket potato and it's 175g un cooked so is that 3 or 4 pps?
  15. Katie7192

    Katie7192 Member

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    Think I'll be having a jacket potato tonight! starving after reading all those posts! Sounds so yummy!
  16. 1002666

    1002666 Member

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    mushroom stroganoff filling. the recipe is in my food diary :)
  17. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    175g raw will be 4pp.

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  19. chug

    chug Silver Member

    I no exactly what you mean I had to have a jacket potato tonight too.
  20. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    lol i had a jacket potato for my lunch today with 1/2 a tin of Tesco Value mince and onions (4pp, whole tin is 7pp) and salad.

    the mince was ok but very liquidy and not a lot of flavour ...... i didn't have time to tweak it though to add flavour..... but it was ok and quick and easy :)
  21. chug

    chug Silver Member

    Thank you thought it might be. Well turns out my packet was wrong because my jacket potato was 6pps because the weight was 287g so I rounded it upto 300g x x
  22. chug

    chug Silver Member

    Hmmm I forgot about this idea when shopping will but on my week after plan because I have already done next weeks lol. x x x
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