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Jamaica in January

This is my second posting on this forum, the first gave me a much needed reprimand for only having one or two of my sachets a day. I am getting much better at fitting them in now , buying some tetra bricks and bars helped, although still have had the odd blip.
So this thread is on a more positive note I did CD about 4 years ago only for about 5 weeks before going on holiday i didn't do maintenance i just went back to eating normally. contrary to what some people say about CD I didn't pile the weight back on in fact I went back about 3.5 months later just before Christmas as I felt like I needed a quick boost before the party season started to find I'd lost another stone without even trying, purely because CD had broken all my bad habits. Unfortunately over the last 18 months triggered by some extremely stressful family issues I am now back where I started. Have faffed over the last 9 months saying I was going to have to go back on CD but never got further than day 4 or 5. This time was different. I am going to a glamour models wedding in Jan in jamaica, without my own kids (age9&6) as my husband is best man and so it's also the honeymoon we never had. I decided this was it I sent the following text to all my close friends and family to tell them what I was doing

"It is a frightening only 10 weeks till I go on holiday, the clothes that I have are at the moment several inches too small for me that's the positive way of saying I'm several too inches too big for them. If I try healthy eating between now and then not only will it be extra hard especially with christmas in the middle but I can realistically only expect to achieve 1-2 lbs a week loss .... This will not get me in my holiday clothes!!!!! and as i cannot buy beach wear in January I have decided to do sole source on the Cambridge diet (yes again) FOR THE LAST TIME!! I am writing to you all as my closest friends, this is a massive financial commitment and a massive challenge please do not judge me but please support me....xx"

Sending this text really helped me I am now starting Day 19. at my last weigh in on Day 14 I had lost 9lbs taking me just back into the 11 stones and masses of inches even off my hips!!!

What has also helped me especially for those first two weeks is my wonderful CDC who agreed to see me twice a week, knowing that I hadn't got time to cheat and then start again before my next weigh in has really helped. As did the almost daily texts of support.

Don't really have a goal weight, I tried some of my size 14's on last night their still a bit too tight, my beach wardrobe Is all from 3 years ago and is all mostly size 10, it'll be a tall order to get in them by middle of Jan but the thought that I won't be able to buy shorts and bikinis in January is what Is pushing me on.
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Morning roobeedoo, what a great incentive to stick with the plan. I think you were really brave to send the text to your friends and it can only help.

Good luck - and very well done on the 9 lbs you have lost already. Xx
Re: Re: Jamaica in January

Less Rotund One said:
Morning roobeedoo, what a great incentive to stick with the plan. I think you were really brave to send the text to your friends and it can only help.

Good luck - and very well done on the 9 lbs you have lost already. Xx
Cheers and well done on reading what turned out to be a marathon diary entry on my part!!


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Oooh, Jamaica in January.Sounds so wonderful.
I'll be Getting Rained on in Galway. Not so nice.

I like the text idea, too.I'd never do that because I know I'd get sniggered and loads of nonsense thrown at me about how this isn't ood for you ... neither is being 5st overweight!
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sounds wonderful, can you fit me in your case too, i need a kid break :D

you can do it and you are focused. a lot of this dieting regadless of which you choose is having the right mindset and being focused on the goal we want to achieve. with ss i find that i get my focus back. this is my 3rd time ss :( 1st time after by little girl and i lost loads then fell pregnant and put 5 stone back on (this seems the norm when pg with me as it was the same amount with emily). 2nd time after my little boy and this 3rd time is after an extremely hard time family wise where my mum was admitted to hospital for a month in such pain that she was throwing up and wanting to die, even morphine wasn't helping. it ended up with her big toe amputated due to gangreen. she's just gone back into hospital again 10 days ago and it looks like this time her leg will have to come off. very stressfull and i've put on weight because i was living hand to mouth and drinking too much wine and after running my half marathon i cut down the miles but kept eating the same. 17lbs is not much but i'm hoping to loose even more now.

good luck and remember to read other's diaries as it's really helpful. surfhunny's is good as is white tulip.


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Wow I would love to go to Jamaica! I bet you can't wait! That's such a good thing to spur you on to lose weight :)

Do you have a goal weight? Or is your goal fitting in the holiday clothes?

You are doing well so far and it's great that you plucked up the courage to send out that message!

Let us know how you are getting on x
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Hi Roobeedoo,

How u gettin on? well done on your loss so far, that must give u some encouragement to carry on. have u got any idea wot weight or size u want to be for either your hol or your goal. i used to try old clothes on every week or so to see how far off i was from gettin in them properly,its amazin to see the weight and inches come off so quickly.

Hope ur doin well xx
Hi really not too bothered what the scales say for me it's mostly dress size. had WI yesterday I'd lost another 1.5lbs since fri an inch of my hips but put on 1/2 an inch on bust and belly button my CDC reckons I'm probably hormonal!!
At the weekend I sorted out my wardrobe all the clothes from a couple of years back that are all sizes 14,12 & 10 I have now moved to the spare room i noticed that they were all the better quality clothes too, obviously when I'm bigger size 16 and big 14 I always feel like I'm in a temporary state so I never invest in good clothes. Like you I did try a couple of 14s on to see how far from fitting the are!
Just found out it's my OH Christmas do on the 4th so that's my first goal to fit in one of my existing size 14 gorgeous coast dresses by then.
S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)
I love coast clothes :) would love a do to go to so that I cooed buy a really beautiful timeless red dress!
Struggling at work today, have been really good this week making sure that I have got my 3 feed in every day, but that seems to have increased my hunger. Last night as I tried to get to sleep all I could think about was food! Today at work I'm sure I'm not hungry I just really fancy some food!!! FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!!!! AAaaaargg!!!!!
My last update was 3 hours ago I would have hoped after now having had my soup a pint of water and several cups of tea this feeling of wanting to eat the team biscuits on the conference table about 10feet away would of passed by now but alas it hasn't !!! OH supposed to be doing the school run today, I'm down on hours but I'm actually hoping something comes up which means he can't make it and I have to step in and leave work, right time for ANOTHER cup of tea!!!
WI this morning have lost another 3.5 lbs since monday!! makes the pain I went through yesterday sooo worth it. Proud too of the fact that I have followed advice and since Monday I have had all 3 meals every day!!!
S: 16st11.5lb C: 11st0lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 5st11.5lb(34.61%)
you must be so pleased with yourself for not givin in. WELL DONE!!
I hate those moments when you want to eat but stick with it and i never feel hungry the day after.
Need to repent last night the rainbows were making caterpillars out of melted chocolate and marshmallows, rabbits out of fruit and sweets and baking choc brownies.... There was also chocolate cornflakes cakes and millionaire shortbread out...., let's just say Oooops with a capital O
Day 28 and TOTM day 1: whether I was using that as an excuse I don't know but I was okay at work which is usually my tough time but then I got home and had two chocolate biscuits ( I don't think I even waited for the first to go down ) and then I had a whole piece of breaded fish and picked at the sweetcorn and jacket potato as I was making the kids tea. And i know ive had no where near my normal water intake today and that's not even including the extra two glasses I should have for having a tetra for breakfast and a bar for tea and it's WI first thing tomorrow morning. .... RANT OVER.
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Let us know how your wi went. I'm sure things won't be as bad as you thought.
So you've had a slip up, so what. It's another day today, just get back on that wagon and think of Jamaica!!!!:D

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