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Jane Austen


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I'm such a huge, huge Jane Austen fan - a regular visitor to her homes in Chawton and Bath, and the Jane Austen Centre in Bath. I've watched Pride & Prejudice and all the other fabulous dramas way too many times, I am just in love with her writing so much.

This month is beyond excitement for me! I am hoping to see the new film Becoming Jane tomorrow night about Jane's life and this month ITV1 are having a Jane Austen season with new versions of Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park and Persuasion.

I'm so excited I shall forget to eat (and that has to be a good thing!!). :D
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Yep, looking forward to seeing these :cool:


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I've also been getting the free books with the Express and so looking forward to seeing the film. Colin Firth gave me a love for jane Austen

Irene xx
i like jane austen too. i watched the entire pride and prejudice tv series on dvd the other week with a friend and it was so hilarious (and colin firth was fit!). a lot of it was filmed in lacock in wiltshire, near where i'm from.


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I adore Lacock!! Such a pretty village and they have a gorgeous tea room that we love. They used Lacock for Meryton and the pub for the Assembly Rooms. :)
there speaks a fan!
i grew up less then ten miles from there and when i go home it's one of my fave places to go, or take friends. could that village be anymore english?! it does help that the national trust virtually owns all of it!


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Lacock really is so very quintessentially English, I love it! The abbey is gorgeous too especially if you are a Harry Potter fan! We first visited Lacock because we are National Trust members and when I realised it was "Meryton" I was over the moon!! :eek: If you take all the cars out of Lacock you go right back in time so it was perfect for Pride & Prejudice. I'm envious that you grew up only 10 miles away!! Didn't Camilla's daughter Laura get married in Lacock church last year? I think I was there a couple of weeks before, we went into the church but didn't realise at the time that it would be filled with royals a few weeks later.
yes, i went on a special tour of the abbey after the first harry potter was filmed there and i always look out for it on the films! i took my american friend there who is a massive potter fan when she came to visit me. she went mad!

i didn't realise camilla's daughter got hitched there but wouldn't be surprised as camilla's house is just a few jiles down the road from lacock. people often used to see her out riding there. was it the really old small church? st cyriac's? gorgeous building.



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Yes, it was the very old church near to the river. Really beautiful inside. Charles, William and Harry were all there for the wedding - I think I saw the photos in Hello or somewhere like that! In particular there is a quaint old tea room which we always go to which takes you back in time which I especially love, I think Jane Austen fan would! I too look out for the scenes in Harry Potter - the one shown on Christmas Day was partially filmed at Lacock. A beautiful part of the world. I believe Tom Brown's Schooldays starring Stephen Fry had some filming done there (at the beginning if my memory recalls). :)


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Becoming Jane

I saw the film Becoming Jane tonight about Jane Austen. A beautiful film but a lot of it wasn't true, or not as it was portrayed. Jane didn't attempt to elope and I doubt she ever even kissed Tom Lefroy either. But if you enjoy period dramas and equisite scenery and are happy to see the film as a film rather than a true account of the life of Jane Austen (albeit a short time in her life) then I highly recommend it.

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