Jane plan


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I cant find anything on here about jane plan. Some one out there must have tried it. I fancey trying it. I tried diet chef about 10 years ago but it was vile. Unless it has improved im staying well away.
My son tried diet chef last year and he didn't think the meals were that bad.

Give Jane Plan a try for a month then if you don't like it find another plan.:)
I got diet chef cheap from groupon - got to say I am loving it. Don't think it's worth the full price but good when you get a deal. Breakfast, lunch & snacks are fab, dinners can be a bit hit or miss. I calorie count & use diet chef meals as & when - don't think I could eat them everyday.

I have lost 7 pound in 3 weeks.
I'm doing Jane Plan. Nearly done 2 weeks now, and lost 11bs so far. I compared it with diet chef because of the price, but decided the food choice looked much nicer and the the quality looked better and I have not been disappointed. You can look out for deals on their website. I worked out what I had spent in supermarkets on food over the last few months and actually it was value for money if you are only adding veg and milk or yogurt. Sometimes I miss cooking, but the ease of it and the variety are making it remarkably easy. I say give it a go!