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Janette's food diary

oh well here goes - nothing ventured nothing gained:

wed, Thurs and Fri 100% sw ee DAYS:):)

Saturday: breakfast - hex bar
lunch - ham salad - fat free dressing
afternoon - start of the downward spiral!!!
cruise round conwy bay with free champagne and buffet -oops!!
- 4 glasses of champagne, prawn lowfat mayo sandwich!! salt and vinegar snack a jacks, 2 kofta meatballs, poached salmon
evening meal!! - yes there's more!!
4 x vodka and diet coke
3 x champagne
jacket potato
slice of roast beef
slice of boiled ham
chicken drumstick - no skin;)
cucumber and tomato
banoffi pie!!



2 x glasses of orange juice
cooked english breakfast - including 1 slice of fried bread:eek::eek::eek:
1 x glass of apple juice
2 x cups of coffee
spaghetti bolognaise - sin free:D
3 x vodka & Diet coke

Monday - trying to put things right!!

breakfast: mullerlight yogurt
1 x banana
Lunch: Fresh Fruit salad
1 x healthy extra bar
Tea: Butternut squash, sweet potato and chick pea soup - home made
Chocolate options drink
2 x rich tea biscuits
diet coke - no vodka!!
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tuesday's food -

Breakfast - greek yogurt - 2 sins
Lunch - muller light yogurt, 1 x banana, 1 x orange, 1 HEB
Snack - 1 x banana
tea - chicken wrapped in bacon and baked in oven with baby new potatos, brocolli and french beans, creamy sin free yogurt and garlic dip
snack - 1 x blackberry fat free activia and 1 x hob nob

bit of a yogurt day today but had a dodgy stomach and the yogurt seemed to settle it.

Weigh in tomorrow - wish me luck.

breakfast - activia ff yogurt and banana
lunch - potato, tuna, and pepper salad with ff dressing
1 x apple,
1 x carrot
1 x hex bar
2 slices of boiled ham
Tea - sinfree sausages x 2 with pasta and fresh tomatos
1 x activia ff yogurt
1 x curly wurly

To drink all day - numerous glasses of water which is really easy at work as I spend all day in a stuffy office, and three cups of coffee - 1 at breakfast, 1 when I come home from work and 1 after tea.
1 1/2 off so that's 8lb so far - well chuffed.:D


yogurt and porridge for breakfast
salad and fruit for lunch
slimming world curry and rice with aloo gobi - sin free on ee for tea - and it was gooood!!
mango shape zero yogurt for dessert

numerous cups of coffee throughout the day - drank as a result of my son being stung on his eye by an evil bu***r of a wasp :mad::mad::mad:and me being stressed out by it - now followed by me being completely wired although the main thing is that Jamie is ok.:eek:

Nowhere near enough water drank - the result of having to take the day off work - stuffy office = lots of water, wasp attack = loads of coffee and dehydration.

Now that Jamie is in bed finally asleep and me and OH watching a movie on tv I'm going have some of my sins xx

edited to add - curly wurly @ 6? sins was the option decided on for a bit of movie watching nosh x
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me too x

too right - flaming wasps - Jamie has a morbid fear of them anyway and this is not going to help is it!!:mad::mad:


Breakfast: yogurt and banana, coffee
Lunch: multigrain ryvita x 3 laughing cow light cheese x 1
snacks so far: fruit (I'm a good girl I am ;);))
rice salad with fat free dressing and chickpeas
Tea: Curry and rice left over from last night with aloo gobi.
snacks: quark and chocolate options
shape zero yogurt

So far So good :):)

Mini goals:

1/2 stone award - 1/2lb to go - DONE 22/09/10
1 stone award - 6lbs to go - target date - half term
fit in my john rocha skirt from 2 years ago for Christmas

Operation Roma is a go!!! We will be there in June 2011 and I will be considerably smaller than I am today!!! Go Go Go!!!!!
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Saturday Snacking.

Well here goes:

Breakfast: Yogurt and fruit
Lunch:Rice salad and 1 x HEX
Tea: Pork Chop and potatoes and veg

Snacks: fruit, yogurt.
Sins today: no idea yet - I'm at a party later and am determined not to have a repeat of last weekend.:sigh::sigh:

oh dear oh dear - didn't make the party due to being shattered after a long day at college so settled down for an evening watching a dvd with my lovely hubby - washed down by half a bottle of red wine 15 sins and 3 vodka and cokes - 12 sins!!!

Mini goals:

1/2 stone award - 1/2lb to go - DONE :D:D22/09/10
1 stone award - 6lbs to go - target date - half term
fit in my john rocha skirt from 2 years ago for Christmas

Operation Roma is a go!!! We will be there in June 2011 and I will be considerably smaller than I am today!!! Go Go Go!!!!!​
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Breakfast - yogurt and fruit

lunch - was on the go and ended up just having fruit

Tea - sin free kfc chicken using bread as 1hex, large Jacket potato and sf coleslaw
dessert 1 x ff yogurt
snacks have been fruit
drinks have been many cups of coffee and diet coke - yes I am a caffeine addict!!

Sins - none today but then I did have my fair share and some yesterday so not too bothered about the lack of sins today xx:):)
Manic Monday xx

Yogurt and fruit - coffee

bowl of pasta salad with ham, tangerine and kiwi fruit

speedy bangers and beans (from the sw comfort food book), yogurt, curly wurly, tangerine.

Not too bad for a Monday methinks. :)
Tasteful Tuesday x

yogurt and fruit

Jacket potato and baked beans followed by fruit

Grilled Lamb and salad followed by fruit and yogurt

Snacks 1x hex bar - toffee/pecan, 1 piece of apple cake at school open day

Wonderful Wednesday

Breakfast yogurt and fruit (just for a change)
minestrone soup - fruit
Tea sin free carbonara, 1 x heb, 1 x yogurt, 1 x ferrero rocher

both days - in fact every day I use my 'A' as semi skimmed milk in the coffee's I drink - I don't measure it out I just have a brew when I choose. If I start to put weight on or STS then I'll probably start measuring it but for now I don't bother as I'm pretty sure I'm not drinking more than I should anyway.

Also, any day I'm at work (Tues - Fri) I drink loads of water which I think is helping - if nothing else my skin is really clear so it must be doing some good.:D:D

yogurt and fruit

jacket potato and baked beans and fruit

Lamb tagine and rice 2 syns

1 x Jafa cake bar @ 6.5 SINS

1 x HEX bar
milk as my option A
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yogurt & fruit

jacket potato and beans - bought from work and it was rubbish

Lamb tagine and rice
natural fat free yogurt and chocolate options

Snacks: 3 x diet coke and very small vodka's
1 x hex bar

Saturday Snackshop

yogurt and banana
cappucino small one from our gorgous local italian deli

slices of cold meat, 1 smll laughing cow cheese, 1 x tangerine, grapes.

sfree roast chicken with slimming world roast potatoes, carrots

syns: 2 x homemade yorkshire puddings and 4 x vodka and cokes.

so far the weekends going as expected.
Tomorrow is Jamie's birthday party and there are lots of my favourite snacky foods around ie, sausage rolls, sandwiches, crisps - all the bad stuff really - wish me luck xx:p:p
ok so it's time to fess up!!

Sunday sinning

yogurt and fruit


sinfree chicken soup
so far so good!!!


numerous crisps from Jamie's party buffet
two chesse sandwiches from Jamie's party buffet
more crisps from Jamie's party buffet
two cherry tomatoes :D:D
recovery from only just surviving Jamie's party -
2 big glasses of wine, too much vodka, 2 pieces of gooey chocolate cake and a vow never to do another party for 22 of Jamie's friends - ever!!!

Mournfull Monday!!

yogurt followed by 2 paracetamol and a cup of coffee

2 x nurofen followed by a cup of coffee.

sf chicken soup, 1 yogurt, 2 tangerines, chick pea salad and 1 x hex bar.

- generally can't decide which was the biggest disaster - sunday or monday.

Top Tuesday

yogurt and banana

tangerine, kiwi fruit, s/f tomato soup
loads of water


slices of ham, grilled pork chop with slimming world chips and sin free pepper sauce. 1 x shape zero yogurt and 1 x tangerine.
coffee and water and diet coke to drink throughout the day.

Somehow I'm not too hopeful of a good weigh in tomorrow night!!
Wishful Wednesday

yogurt and fruit
fruit and cup a soup,sf dips and celery
slimming world buffet at club followed by plain pasta and tomato sauce and 1 hex bar

Later on: had a home baked cookie syn ful!!!! baked at a girls evening - practicing to be a domestic goddess. xx

Trim Thursday!!

yogurt and fruit
barbequed chicken breast with salad and red salt
3 x tangerines, SF humous and celery

Planned for later:

baked haddock and tomatoes with boiled potatoes and brocolli

snacking = 1 hex bar and probably a curly wurly.
Monday's Mission

been camping over the weekend and although I've tried to be good, I've not been counting syns so am back on straight and narrow today.




ham and salad, sin free humous and carrots, melon


pasta with brocolli and mixed sea food, chilli and garlic.
weight watchers orange and nectarine yogurt.

Snacks - 1 x hex bar
drinks - usual coffee throughout the day - and some waterm:):)
Tuesday Bluesday

not really a blue day I just don't like tuesdays.

yogurt, banana and 3 x clementines

preston's parched peas from the potato man
1 x apple, 1 x hex bar

slimming world chips, baked beans and lean bacon
1 x clementine

to drink - water, coffee and diet coke

still trying not to have syns as used up my full allowance at the weekend.

Wednesday Weighday


yogurt and fruit

fruit salad - apple, kiwi fruit, tangerines, melon.
lots of coffee and lots of water.


potato, spinach and chickpea curry with rice
yogurt with chocolate options - 2 syns

1 x hex bar milk allowance for option a

week 1 -6.5 :D
week 2 -1.5 :) 0.5 awd
week 3 -3.5 :D
week 4 -2 :)
week 5 - 1.5 :D:D 1 stone awd
Tumtastic thursday

yogurt and banana

fuit salad and beef and tomato soup

sin free veg curry and rice

2 x ryvita and slices of ham
slimming world crisps

loads of water and 4 x coffee 1 x diet coke. - Maybe when I've lost my weight I'll look at tackling my caffene addiction :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:.

note to self : trying to save my sinsTuesday as it's hubby's 4oth birthday party:eek::eek:

week 1 -6.5
week 2 -1.5 0.5 awd
week 3 -3.5
week 4 -2
week 5 - 1.5 1 stone awd
Foodie Friday

yogurt and banana

slimming world ham and spinach quiche, 2 x tangerines

grilled lamb and chicken salad with half a pita bread
1 x shape zero yogurt

1 x hex bar
Scrumptious Saturday

breakfast = yogurt and fruit and a cappucino

Lunch = fruit salad ryvita and ham

Tea = chicken with chilli and basil and rice
vodka and diet coke

Scrummy Sunday

breakfast = yogurt and banana

Lunch = ryvita and ham and yogurt

Snacking = tangerines and banana

Tea = baked smoked ham, slimming world chips and slimming world fried egg
vodka and diet coke.

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