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January Restarters!!!

Well Hello everyone!

I posted a few weeks back to say that my first weigh in went well and i had lost 4lbs well since then i have been very naughty and been to so many christmas partys that i am fit to pop :confused:!!!
So i have made the decision to relax over christmas and enjoy myself and start on the 2nd of Jan 2010, i have said it so many times before 'oh ill start tomorrow or on this or that date' but his time i have to stick to it i am determined to do it because i feel like i have wasted a bit of my life being big and not being able to do the things that i really want to do or wear the clothes that i want so 2010 will be my year!! Im so silly but the thought of it makes me go all excited!!! HaHa!!!

I was just wondering if anyone else has plans to restart for the last time in January as I think it would be nice to encourage each other and keep the spirits up!!!

Hannah x x :)
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wants to get super fit!
I'd just like to say that although I won't be restarting this January (I hope?!) I DID start last January on the 23rd and I'm now at goal so I just thought I could be a little bit of inspiration to all of you who are going for goal in 2010! The year has passed so quickly and how different this Christmas is going to be for me..........no hiding away in corners, I'm going to get out there!!!! So for all you January starters I wish you a MASSIVE GOOD LUCK - you will do it!
I'm up for a restart in Jan, taking it steady over xmas, dearnt weigh myself but still pitching in :)

Im sure there will be another challenge too x
Count me in!

Its in my New Year resolution this year to lose weight and become the slim me & get back the confidence in my body.

Current Weight: 168 lbs :eek:
Goal Weight: 126 lbs

My mini goals:
Lose 7 lbs
Lose 1 stone
Lose next 7 lbs
Lose the 2nd stone
Lose the last stone

Im hoping to reach my goal by 13/Sep, our 10th love anniversary :D

Gud Luck to everyone starting in the New Year. Let's hold our Will power & achieve what we want!
Count me in.
I've fallen off the wagon big style over the last couple of months (Christmas depression:eek:)
But new year, new start.
But just to make it harder for me, I'm off to Marrakesh for a few days next week, our only foreign holiday for 2010. But cause I'm a veggie I'm not expecting to find much to tempt me over there.;)
And once I'm back it'll be back to the gym too.

Good luck to everyone, we CAN do it this year.:D
count me in !!! - thanks for your post Nic, i have just not managed to get that last stone off but i order myself some new clothes all in petite size 8 for my holiday so i have to get into them also i got some new trainers and sports bit's as the plan is to start running in the new year i did walking then power walking this year so up for the challege

wishing everyone a very happy slim and guilt free new year xxx

choc for breakfast was not a good start but i promise on the 2nd not a bit will pass my lips unless it's on the list for treat day !
OMG! I just got on the scales, so not a good start to 2010.
The damage...............

15st 1lb :eek: :cry::cry::cry:

At least all the christmas goodies were finally eaten last night, so there's nothing to tempt me today.
Count me in too :wave_cry:
I threw out all the sweets left from crimbo last night before I went to bed, then today got up and went to spin, I'm all geared up and ready to make 2010 my year in the weight situation. Weighed in this morning at 15st 5lb :eek::cry:
My goal is 11st, although when I get there I might lower it to 10st
Good luck to all and Happy New Year xx
I'm 11st and before Xmas i was 10.9... so i'm in your boat.
All the booze and snacks have set me off course but i'm starting again, new year new ways to loose the weight :) x G.Luck x
Well my first day back on track went so so.
Not helped by a very long day at work, 7.30am to 6pm, on my feet for most of it.:(
Stuck to it while at work, but felt like c**p when I got home & grabbed a few crackers to try & settle my tum, then had a short nap.
Started to feel better so had my 'tea' at 9pm. Veg stir fry & brown rice. But then my DH opened a big bag of tortillia chips.:eek:

Off to Manchester today to get a couple of tops for our break next week, hopefully in the sales.
Hi all i am so happy to see i am not the only one who has stepped on the scales and been a little shocked!!
My damage 17 stone and 10 pound. I was a little shocked but i guess i shouldnt be as i have over indulged A LOT this christmas well never mind i have started today and am doing well so far i have drunk 2 ltrs of water and am doing good, I just wondered what everyones goals are and what tips everyone has for staying motivated, I have a picture that i carry in my purse and have stuck on my cupboards of me when i was a size 12 so everytime i see it it gives me a little boost and keeps me on track.
You know I have a very good feeling for this year I think 2010 will be our year to acheive our goals so by this time next year we will all be happier more confident and sexy as hell woohoo!!!

Good luck everyone lets do it!!! :) :) :)

Hannah. x x
Hi everyone, If my scales are correct, I've put another 4lb on (that's after the 1.5 last week. I'm hoping a lot of it is water and will come off before official weigh-in on Monday.

I took Christmas tree down this morning to remind me 'Christmas Is Over'. Hope it does the trick, doing ok so far today but my worst time is evening so I'll have to keep my fingers crossed.

Good Luck to everyone.



Full Member
A bit late to this but I'd like to join you guys too! I totally fell off track december onwards but restarted on the 1st of jan and have stuck to it so far!
I told myself it HAS to be this year otherwise i'll be saying the same thing next Jan and I am really really motivated to lose it!

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