Jasmin Tea


Hi everyone. just joined today and have also just started lipotrim.
Can anybody tell if you can drink Jasmin Tea whilst on the diet
I don't think you can. It's a flower tea. Not sure, but I know fruit teas are out and I think that applies to flower teas too.

Have you tried some of the others. I drank green tea, peppermint, Chai and ginger teas
I'm bumping this up for further advice. I'm still wondering myself about the jamine tea.

It is made from green tea leaves I think, but scented with jasmine flowers from what I can remember:confused: Need someone else to confirm whether you can have it on Lipotrim or not.

Actually...thinking about it. Not sure about ginger tea now. Oh my. How useless am I? It's not a fruit, but it is a root...does that matter?

I drink Twinings green tea most of the time. BTW. Twinings green tea and lemon is 65 calories and 18g of carbs!!:eek:
It's only tea made from the leaf that's allowed on LL and CD (I would imagine LT as well).

So that's green tea, peppermint tea and ordinary black tea.

You can have Earl Grey in small quantities as the amount of orange oil in it is apparently very small.

Anything else runs the risk of knocking you out of ketosis!

I drank gallons of redbush tea whilst SSing and altho it is made from needle-shaped leaves, I think the amounts of it really affected MY weightloss, altho I know it was absolutely fine for other people. GRR! lol

PS HELLO Maughrim! Lovely to meet you - I must have missed it when you joined up, so apologies for not welcoming you before!!!


Not ginger as it is from root, having said that if anyone has upset stomach I either suggest this or mint.

Jasmine, not until higher programmes with food.

Basically, always stick to ordinary black tea, green tea with no flavourings and mint tea, plain water.

Years of experience have proven for best results stick to the basics.