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Jaundice, Bowel blockage and fever...feeling a bit rubbish!

Aftre everything I've done to get myself healthy and well I'm now properly ill.

The last few weeks i've been feeling a bit off colour but thought it was just fatigue due to my running. But this week has been awful. I have no appetite (bonus that Im losing weight but for the wrong reasons!)

I've been to my GP three times as I've got severe abdomen pain, fever, haven't had a 'movement' since monday and as of yesterday my eyes and skin are both yellow.

The Dr doesn't know what it is and neither do I. I've not changed my diet and was getting levels of fitness back I've not had for years. It's so frustarting..my fundraising run was supposed to start on Sunday and I'm going to have to wait till I'm better now.

Has anyone ever had anything similar symptoms wise? I'm being tested for pretty much everything but won't get results for 2 weeks!!

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just out of curiosity have your finger nails gone yellow?
I do not have your symphtoms but they took a load of blood from me yesterday as my finger nails are yellow and nobody knows why!!!!!
no my fingernails are normal colour. They've said I'm deffo Jaundice. Just can't work out why and how it fits with my other symptoms. A medical mystery!
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Oh dear! that doesn't sound good, I hope you're ok and make sure you take it easy.
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I trust they have tested you for Hepatitis? I had this in the 80s, and it came on like a really horrible stomach ache, food, jst the thought was revolting. Zero energy, etc. Thats how it starts and you get much worse before it gets better. You are also jaunticed, etc.

Its not common to catch H these days, but can happen. I would trust they have looked at that.?

Hope you feel well soon.
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hope you find out what it is and make a quick recovery
daisy x
Hi BL. They're testing for Hepititis yes but I won't get the results for a few days yet. Don't really care what it is so long as there's a way to make it better! I feel rubbish!
S: 12st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st12lb(14.94%)
Many thanks for the link Daisy. Gallstones were suggested today too but with so many symptoms I don't think the Dr wants to make too many suggestions without any evidence.
I've had an ongoing abdominal pain for 18 months now so way before I satarted LL. Just trying not to look at too much on the internet for fear of scaring myself too much.
Guess I just have to leave it to the experts. Just wish I could get the answers a bit quicker!
they call me mellow yellow....lol
Still feeling really rubbish. Can't eat a thing-hooray! xx

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