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JaxieD's food diary


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Hope this keeps me motivated and if i'm doing ought wrong some of you experienced SWers will keep me right!!:D
Started on Monday but will diary from today!
Thursday RED
B - poached eggs, bacon and mushrooms
Snk - apple
Lunch - tuna steak, Baked potato (HEX B)with Tesco HL Garlic and Herb cheese spread (yummy 2.5 syns). mixed veg, Mullerlite yoghurt
Dinner - Wholewheat pasta (HEXB)with home made tomato sauce, Salmon steak, Low fat cheese (HEXA), fresh cherries.
350mls Skim milk (HEXA)
2 x Alpen light (6 sins)

Total sins = 8.5

Exercise - 4 miles brisk walk

I really hope this is ok - such a feast. Just finished lunch and it was just lovely:D
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:DFriday - Green

Breakfast - Banana and 2 weetabix (HEXb)

Lunch - Tesco mediteranean couscous (0.5), quorn lamb style grill (1.5). Cherries, grapes and 0% greek yoghurt.

Dinner - Syn free chips, baked beans, egg. Mullerlite yoghurt and fruit

Snacks - 2 x Alpen light bars (HEXb), maltesers (BOLD GIRL)(9.5)

tomato sauce (0.5)

Extra - 350mls skim milk (HEXa)

Total syns - 12
Exercise - 4kms on treadmil
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Saturday - Red

Am gonna try red for a few days as after yesterdays green day i could literally burst if you stuck a pin in me i have so much trapped wind!!:ashamed0005: (so painful)

Am on night shift so first meal today not until 3:15pm!

B - poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms, HP sauce (0.5), clementines, Danone shape yoghurt.

D - rump steak, peppers, onions,mushrooms,courgettes (all roasted) baked potato (HEXB)filled with Quark. Danone shape yoghurt and cherries. (This was really yum!)

Supper - wholemeal roll (HEXB),Ex light mayo (0.5) chicken breast. Fruit

Extra - 350mls skim milk (HEXA)
2 x Alpen light (6), 2 babybel(HEXA)

Handful chipshop chips (no idea how much that would be in syns? - say (6)

Total sins - 13 (at a guess - darn chips)

Exercise - Zilch (not on nights!):D
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Thanks for commenting on my diary, and nice to know I'm not the only one who's struggling a bit. Mind you, you've done brilliantly - big loss. It is always going to be harder dropping the last few pounds, but keep at it, cos you've done so well, and your photos look amazing.

I had a moment yesterday where I suddenly felt 'unclogged' - felt less bloated all of a sudden, and just feel like things are moving in my body again (sorry if that's gross!!!) - like you I'd been feeling really gassy and yuk, but now feel better. Think I'm going to stick with drinking lots of water.

I'm also going to do a week of fast forward this week and see where that gets me...I'll let you know how it goes.

So, good luck with this week. Perhaps we can be each others buddy for a while and keep each other going?

What work do you do? Nursing? Night-shifts?

Have a good day.xx


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Hi Katherine,

Glad to hear you're feeling better - i'm almost afraid to get on the scales tomorrow in case i haven't dropped a lb or 2!!:cry: This plan is really easy to follow and i will be gutted if it doesn't work for me (wouldn't really understand if it doesn't!) I'm a police officer so my body clock is a bit erratic which probably doesn't help! Lost most of my weight with Cambridge earlier last year and have tried ever since to get the last stone off - but am determined to get there somehow - feel sooooo much better than before.

I shall keep an eye on your progress - The support on Minimins helped me get through it with Cambridge and it'll help again now!!;)

Shall be in touch!!



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Sunday - Red (nights)

B - (not until 4pm)bacon, scrambled egg ( 1 tsp low fat spread (1) ) and mushrooms. HP sauce (0.5), Danone shape yoghurt, clementines.

D - homemade burgers (ex lean mince), wholemeal roll (HEXB), 42gms low fat cheddar (HEXA), butternut squash chips, red sauce (0.5), ( God! that was scrummy!!)mullerlite yoghurt

Supper - Wholemeal roll (HEXB), chicken, Ex low fat mayo (0.5), tbsp sweet chilli sauce (1), 1 x alpen light (3), grapes and cherries

Extra - 350mls skim milk (HEXA), Packet snackajacks salt and vinegar (5)

Total sins - 11

Exercise - nil (again not when on nights!)
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Where do you get your extra lean mince? Tescos don't have one that is called extra lean....

first day of Fast Forward for me....I'm a bit hungry already and it's only half nine!!!! But determined to complete at least the first week so...

Have a good day.x


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Hi Katherine,

Good luck on Fast forward! I got the extra lean mince in Tesco in the chiller cabinets! It was the Healthy Living version of it with the green label. Have to say there was hardly a speck of fat on it!!
Today am having mega doubts as after a week i have lost no weight despite sticking to it 100%:mad: and exercising 4 times!! I am gonna stick with it for another week or so and then see how it goes! Some diets don't suit some people and whenever you see some peeps losing 2-3 lbs per week it is quite demoralising.
If all else fails - it's back to WW:rolleyes:


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Monday - Green

B - Banana, yoghurt

L - Pasta'n' sauce, quorn fillet

T - Paella (rice, 142gms prawns (HEXB) 50gms chicken (3), peas, peppers, onions, stock cube (1.5), paprika. Mullerlite cherry/choc sprinkles yoghurt (2)

Extras - 350mls skim milk (HEXA)
2 x Alpen light (HEXB). 2 belgian chocolate biscuit thingies (tiny) (2)

Total syns - 8.5
Exercise - nil (knackered)

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