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Jelly made from gelatin and water flavoring

I can't get powdered gelatine and I've tried 4 supermarkets now
Can we not use leaf?x
Great...just what I need. Twas very tempted to come off plan on day 3 because I have a very poorly little girl and very high stress levels (cue eat eat eat)...will try jelly x
I can't get powdered gelatine and I've tried 4 supermarkets now
Can we not use leaf?x

im not entirely sure on the difference between leaf and powdered gelatine. i wouldnt think there is much difference tho.
i get my gelatine from tesco.
the other good thing about having the jelly is that the pint of water used is inclusive in the water u need to consume each day. :)
I never tried the jelly first time round but I'm making it everyday this time, it's really good stuff!
Add one teaspoon of water flavouring to 450mls cold water.

Get some powder gelatine and dissolve it in 50mls of boiling water, make sure it's completely dissolved before adding it to the cold water.

Set in fridge for around 2 hours and voila, if you want it to look like jelly add food colouring, I personally don't mind so don't bother.

Hope that helps (I stole that method from cherylxx on another thread so not to steal her thunder hehe)
to make the jelly i use 450mls cold water in a bowl, then melt one sachet of supercook gelatine in 50 mls boiling water in a cup and once thoroughly dissolved add to the cold water, add 1 teaspoon of CD orange or berry water flavouring and then add a few drops of food colouring, allow to set in the fridge for about 2 hours.

To make the tetra mousse: pour a tetra into a jug , swill out the tetra container with a small amount of water and add that too (im greedy, want every last drop :D). use a rounded scoop of mix a mousse and add gradually , blending at the same time. pour over the jelly and leave to set for 10 minutes in the fridge..... then ENJOY

if u click this link there are a few pictures of the trifle.
Greerrrrrrrrrrr my 4th attempt at buying powdered gelatine and again they only had leaf

I want jelly and I want it now!!!!!!!
if u continue to have trouble buying the gelatine powder chele, i could get you some and send it in the post to you. :)
let me know if u want me to send u a few packs ( each pack contains 5 sachets )
lucky you you have a diet buddy [ real life ]
Did your dinner party go well ?
I will try the jelly........

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