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Don't know about Jemax, but I've been to Jamaica! For the Millenium, no less. Sigh, the kids still talk about that holiday. We stayed at an all inclusive at Montego Bay. My son would have six breakfasts! The pool was enormous, and the sea a few steps away. Oh it was magic!

I wouldn't mind being there now, actually!


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Hi Cheerydino

Yes, I have been to Jamaica. :bliss:

I go every year to visit family. I love taking pictures of palm trees and beach scenes. I have so many of them.


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I lived in Jamaica for 7 years - the best times of my life!! Hope to go there next year if all is well!

I love taking photos there - and I have a new SLR camera so I am so excited about taking beautiful photos there!

AJ, Montego Bay is so beautiful, beautiful! I lived on the east side of Jamaica.